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DIY Christmas Hats Ideas for the Family

Want to make fun Christmas hats with your family? Read more.


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Three happy kids wearing their Christmas hats and a Christmas tree in their background

Christmas DIY Hats

What would Christmas Day be without absolutely everyone wearing a festive Christmas hat? Why not give the kids something to do this summer holiday, by getting them to make a range of Christmas DIY hats for all your guests on Christmas Day?

All it takes is a few goodies, some decorations, accessories, time and a lot of Christmas spirit! It’s also a great way to use any old paper you may have lying around the house and try to be a bit more environmentally friendly this festive season. Follow our easy steps to making a DIY Christmas hat, then let your creativity flow.

How to Make Christmas Hats?

Here’s what you will need to make a homemade Christmas hat:

  • Sheet of red paper - or any paper you fancy or have lying around. As long as it’s festive

  • Scissors (kids require parental supervision & observation when using scissors)

  • Stapler and staples

  • Glue and decorations

Once you’ve got all the accessories, it’s time to start making your easy DIY Christmas hat:

Step 1 – Draw out the Shape

On your sheet of paper, draw a 51cm semicircle, or any size between 40cm and 55cm that you feel fits comfortably. Draw your semicircle in with pencil.

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Step 2 – Cut it out

With your scissors, carefully cut the semi-circle out along your pencil lines. If you’re letting the kids do this step, make sure they can use a pair of scissors safely or ensure they use safety scissors to cut.

Step 3 – Curve Your Hat and Staple

Bring your two straight edges of the semicircle together to make a cone shape. Staple the two ends together to fasten. You only need one staple to fasten the lowest point, and then use glue to stick the sides down on top of each other.

Step 4 – Decorate

Using more glue and all the accessories your heart desires, decorate your homemade Christmas party hats with glee. Be sure to always end off your hat decorating with a good-sized ball of cotton wool at the top for the perfect festive effect.

What are the Easiest Christmas Hats to Make?

Paper hats really are easy to make and there isn’t much fuss about it if you make a mistake on one or two. Fabric hats are also cute to make but do require a little bit more accuracy.

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