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Easy DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas To Try At Home

Get creative with our gift wrapping ideas this Christmas!


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Two gift boxes wrapped with silver wrapping paper

DIY Gift Wraps

The wrapping paper you choose (or make) can be as much of a gift as the one you are wrapping. DIY gift wraps can be as special and as thoughtful as the gift itself if you simply put a little bit of time and creativity into making some. DIY gift paper is a great activity to do with the kids to keep them busy during the holidays.

We’ve put together our favourite DIY packaging paper ideas, giving you a little guidance on what you need and how to do it.

How To Make A Gift Wrap With Paper?

The first thing you need when creating your own DIY gift wrapping paper is a clean sheet of paper. We recommend using printer paper or even brown paper because it is softer and enables you to wrap your gift easily after it’s been decorated. If you use cardboard or anything firmer, it can be difficult to use as gift wrap.

Once you’ve cut your paper or brown paper to size, here are a few great DIY gift wrapping ideas that you can do with the kids to decorate it. Remember to use as much festive flair as you can and let your creativity flow.

What Is Needed When You Make Packaging Paper?

We’ve put together our favourite gift wrap design ideas that will bring all the festive cheer possible to your DIY gift wrapper process.

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Idea #1 - Make Homemade Stamps

There are a multitude of inexpensive ways in which you can create stamps at home. Stamps work beautifully to create interesting designs on your paper, and the kids will love it too. Here are a few DIY stamp ideas to choose from:

• Create a potato stamp. Cut a potato in half and then cut out a design into the potato. You can cut out a heart shape, a Christmas tree shape, a triangle, or whatever shape you like. Simply put the finished potato shape into your desired paint and blot onto your paper.

• Make a polka dot design. Create lots of little polka dot designs by dipping an earbud into paint and dotting it onto your paper.

• Use an old sponge to create shapes. Using an old sponge, cut it into shapes like stars, hearts or anything you like. Dip it into the paint pot and sponge onto your paper.

Idea #2 – Use Your Old Paintbrushes

We all have old paintbrushes lying around the house that have been used for a variety of painting needs. Find a range of different bristled brushes (make sure they are clean and usable, of course) and let your creativity take over. Use different coloured paints and different brushes to create patterns and swishes on your paper in a range of different directions.

Idea #3 – Use Flower And Leaves From The Garden

This is an especially fun activity for the kids to do. Get them to go outside and find a range of leaves and flowers of different shapes and colours. Using cold glue, stick your flowers and leaves down onto the paper in a creative pattern to make a floral wrapping paper design.

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