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How to Keep Your Home Allergy Free This Spring

Read more on how you can keep seasonal allergies away.


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Keep Your Home Allergy-free This Spring

Spring is the dreaded season for those who are prone to suffering with allergies and allergic reactions. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your home as allergy-free as possible, all year-round - simple tips to keep seasonal allergies to a minimum and the sneezes at bay.

Read on to find out more about how to prevent allergies at home with Cleanipedia.

What Causes Allergies at Home?

There are several main causes of allergens that can exist in your home. The most common allergens are:

  • Dust

  • Mould

  • Pet Hair

  • Pollen

When it comes to seasonal allergies, pollen is on top of the list because certain pollens exist at differing times of the year. During Spring, plants begin to wake up from their winter slumber and flower - this increases the pollen count in the air.

Dust, mould and pet hair are common household allergens that can exist all year round and need to be minimised in the home as much as possible. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of allergens at home:

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Keep Windows Open

Allowing a steady flow of fresh air to rush through the home enables your clothing and fabrics to breathe and refresh. Air will keep any fabrics like linen, curtains and cushioning from getting stuffy and mouldy.

Consider Your Flooring

If you are really struggling with dust and dust-allergies, it might be time to consider your flooring. If you have a lot of carpeting in the home, you may want to consider rather opting to remove it and instead replace it with tiling or laminate flooring. Carpets can carry and hold onto dust, and it can be harder to remove from carpeted areas without a good quality vacuum used regularly.

What Allergy-friendly Cleaning Products Can I Use?

When it comes to the best cleaning products for allergies, there are two options to consider – do you want to buy the product or make it yourself?

If you're opting to buy your products from your favourite retailer, then we recommend choosing a good quality multi-purpose cleaner like Handy Andy Cream Cleaner that can clean several areas at once and is not overly scented.

You can make your own cleaner at home with a simple mix of 4 tablespoons baking powder and 1l of warm water. This mix will create a general all-purpose cleaner that is allergy-friendly and can be used in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom.

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