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How to manage time better: tips for university students

Knowing how to manage your time is an important skill for students to master. Our time management tips are here to help.


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There’s always plenty going on when you’re studying, but as long as you learn how to manage your time effectively you can complete everything that needs to be done! Whether it’s studying, working, exercising or socialising, being organised is key to fitting it all in. Take a look at how to manage time better with our top tips for university students.

One of the most effective time management tips for students is to write everything down and then prioritise tasks. This provides a real focus – a vital part of time management for college students.

How to manage your time on the go

Looking for time management tips? Your phone is certainly your friend. One of the best time management tips for students in today’s technological world is to use your phone effectively – and not just for messages and games! That means:

  • Using your notes section to put together to-do lists.

  • Using your calendar section to log all of your deadlines and appointments.

  • Setting reminders to get a beep when it’s time to get something done.

The power of a routine

When you’re busy, setting a routine is vital for time management. For students who have a lot going on, the more structured your days and weeks are, the better. This is certainly one of the top time management tips for college students who find themselves rushing from one place to another. Setting a schedule for study, work and even socialising will help you fit everything into your busy timetable.

How to manage time in a team

Studying together can really improve time management for students. Working in a study group helps everyone in it. Not only will you have support from your peers, but the responsibility of having to contribute will also help. This is especially helpful for anyone who struggles with motivation!

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Set short and long term targets

Knowing how to manage time often comes down to goal setting. If you’re struggling and in need of knowing how to manage time effectively, breaking tasks into manageable targets is really handy. Work out what needs to be done in the short term and what can be shifted down the priority list as a longer-term target.

Review your plans

You’ve made your plan and you’re following our time management tips for college students, but is it working? Regularly reviewing your plan – on a weekly basis – is very useful, particularly for anyone who can feel overwhelmed when things aren’t going as planned. That way, you can constantly shift things around to find what works best for you.

Once you know how to manage time better, school can become a lot less stressful. With our top tips for university students, you’ll be able to devise a plan and get things done in good time. Put these time management tips into practice and look forward to a more efficient you! Try reading our study tips on how to study more efficiently for more help!

  • Make a plan.

  • Use your phone as a time management tool.

  • Set short-term and long-term goals.

  • Review your plan on a weekly basis.

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