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Playroom and toy storage ideas to keep a kid’s room nice and tidy

Let our guide help you bring to life the children’s play area your kids dream about.


Playroom and toy storage ideas to keep a kid’s room nice and tidy

If you have a spare room in your home, why not turn it into a fun playroom where kids can use up all of their energy? With some useful playroom ideas and efficient toy storage ideas, coming up with the perfect children’s play area is very easy. There are lots of great ways to arrange a room to ensure it suits kids, as well as keep it clean and tidy. Here are some of our favourite bedroom and kid’s playroom ideas.

Encourage children to take responsibility for their space as much as possible. Ask them if they have any playroom ideas and get them involved in decorating and tidying too!

Effective toy storage ideas for a kid’s bedroom

If you need a bit of extra space for toys, books, stuffed toys, clothes and everything else that goes into a kid’s room, here are some handy tips:

  • Put up some sturdy shelving. This can really help create lots of storage space in any room. To make sure it’s child-friendly, ensure the shelving is done properly and nothing is likely to fall from the top. Avoid storing anything too heavy on the upper shelves!

  • Get yourself a toy box. Ideas that have been around for a while are sometimes the best, and there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned toy box for keeping everything in one place. Why not look for a vintage one in retro furniture shops or see whether older relatives have a classic toy box from their own childhood?

  • Utilise space under the bed. Banish those under-bed monsters and use the space to keep things you don’t need on a daily basis: think of seasonal clothes or extra linen.

Playroom storage ideas

Right, so their bedroom is all in shape, but what about separate playrooms? Are there helpful kid’s play area ideas that will ensure it stays clean and clear whatever your little ones throw at it? Here are some of our favourite solutions:

  • If your kids are ready to take some responsibility, why not assign them an area of the room and ask them to make sure it’s always clean and tidy?

  • The simplest toy room ideas are the best. Buy lots of large plastic storage containers, label them clearly and use them as handy toy bins which sit along one wall.

  • Make sure any storage stays clean to avoid the build-up of dust and dirt. It’s easy to chuck things in a box, but don’t forget to take everything out every now and then to give it a good wipe with a surface cleaner, like Handy Andy.

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You’ve got the lowdown on kid’s playroom storage. Now, it’ll be much easier to keep the space clear (most of the time!). 

  • Consider installing sturdy shelving.

  • Use large plastic containers as toy bins.

  • Get kids to take pride in keeping the space tidy.

  • Clean regularly with germ-killing cleaners to stop dirt building up.

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