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Pregnancy facts: is it safe to fly when pregnant?

Keep safe when flying during pregnancy with our ultimate guide full of facts and tips.


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Your first pregnancy is an exciting time, but also one that’s full of worry! So, it’s no surprise that if you have to travel abroad you probably have a ton of questions, including whether or not you can get on a plane. To help you out and ease your nerves, here’s everything you need to know about flying during pregnancy.

It’s important to stay hydrated if you’re flying when pregnant so buy a bottle of water after security and ask for it to be filled up on the plane.

Is it safe to fly when pregnant?

In general, overseas travel during pregnancy is safe when you fly, but this isn’t a rule that covers all pregnancies. If you’ve experienced any complications, flying might not be the best idea - your symptoms may become worse or you could need emergency care that you can’t receive. This is why it’s always vital you check with your doctor before you jet off, making sure they give you the all clear.

When can pregnant women fly?

If your doctor says it’s safe, most pregnant women can fly up to week 36 of their pregnancy, but it’s always a good idea to check with the airline before you book - different providers might have different cut off points. The safest time for pregnancy travel is actually in the second trimester when common pregnancy issues are less likely to cause a problem.

Tips for flying when pregnant

Now we’ve answered the question of can you fly when pregnant, it’s time for some pregnancy travel tips. Check these out to keep you and your baby safe whilst you’re up in the air:

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  • Keep moving - Take little walks up and down the aisle to keep your blood circulation flowing.

  • Buckle up - Alway wear your seatbelt when sitting. Buckle it below your abdomen to stay comfortable.

  • Stop sickness - Find a pregnancy-safe travel sickness tablet just in case you get a little nauseous when flying. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medication while pregnant.

Now you’ve got the pregnancy facts about flying, you can get booking a pre-baby getaway! Taking some time for yourself before your little one arrives might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • Talk to your doctor before you go about any questions or worries you have.

  • Warn the airline before your flight - they might even upgrade you to extra leg room!

  • Bring either a supplement or essential oils to help with anxiety.

  • Have someone to fly with you.

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