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Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

The statistics say that our children are living much more sedentary lives than we did, and that it’s having a negative effect on many aspects of their lives. Too much time in front of a screen and not enough time playing outside, is impacting children’s wellbeing in the form of their mental and physical health.


Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

The good thing is, we can improve this. Kids, after all, will always be kids, which means they will thrive and get excited about playing outside and doing fun activities with you. We’ve put together a few easy-to-do summer craft ideas for kids that you, or your caregiver, can help your kids participate in. Read on to find out more.

Easy and Fun Summer Crafts

While the weather is still great, try these summer crafts for pre-schoolers and bigger kids, that are easy to set up and loads of fun to do – for your kids and you.

What are summer crafts?

Summer crafts are fun activities that can be done in the summer months, which means they can (and should) be done outside. Here’s more:

Ice Painting

All you need are some blocks of ice, a few drops of food colouring, and paper, and you’ve got yourself a messy play painting party! Let the kids sit on the grass or on a washable play mat outside. Put down two or three baking trays that each have a few drops of food colouring in them. Allow them to take an ice block, dip it in the colour they want and use it to paint on their paper. They will love the feeling of painting with an ice block and enjoy seeing the different colours that emerge.

Fruit Sticks

This is a really great summer crafts idea because it’s fun and edible. Chop up a selection of fruits like watermelon, pineapple, melons, grapes and strawberries (just to name a few). Using a wooden chopstick, allow them to pierce the fruit they like and place it onto the stick, making a fruit kebab of sorts. This activity will help improve their fine motor skills and get them interested in different fruit flavours. Once they’ve made their fruit sticks, they get to eat them too. This can be a messy craft, but don’t worry, with OMO you can get the dirt out with every wash.

DIY Flower Crowns

This easy summer craft idea will keep the kids busy for a few hours. Start them off by sending them on an expedition to find flowers. Encourage them to walk around the garden, with their own bowl in hand, and choose a range of flowers they like. Ask them to choose a range of colours and types too. Once they’ve collected their flowers, it’s time to make their crowns. All you need is some florist wire, scissors, and florist tape. Help them to create a crown that fits their head with the florist wire first. Then, using the florist tape, wrap each flower stem around the wire, making sure all the flowers face the same way out. Give them a spray of water to freshen them up, and then allow the kids to play in the garden as make-believe queens and kings with their floral crowns.

What crafts can I do outside?

Outside is truly the best place to craft. When you allow your children to play and create outside, you’re not only allowing them to be free in nature but you’re also taking the worry out of messing up your home too.

Take the worry out of crafting, by allowing them to paint, play and craft to their heart’s content outside. Make sure you’re prepared though, here’s what you can do to create the perfect DIY summer crafts area outside:

  • Set up a washable play mat or blanket outside on the grass or on the patio.

  • Plan ahead. Have one or two craft ideas planned and make sure you have all the ingredients or necessary tools to do them.

  • Dress your kids in an old t-shirt or use a painting bib to keep their best clothing from getting stained.

  • Allow yourself to be worry-free about mess and stains when playing outside - just enjoy the fun and the sun.

And remember to have OMO Auto Washing Powder, hand washing powder or liquid detergent on hand, and if things get too messy, just throw the blanket and crafting clothes in the wash with a dash of OMO.

At OMO we believe that Dirt is Good. Every stain represents an experience. Encourage your kids to get messy and have fun and help them become happy, healthy, confident kids by helping them with their Early Childhood Development.

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