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How to Clean Rusted Tiles

We commonly think that rust only occurs on metal surfaces when exposed to water or moisture. However, this pesky little problem can occur on a variety of other surfaces in the home including on our tiled floor. Rust mainly occurs on vinyl tiles, but it can be common on other tile types like marble too.


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How to Clean Rusted Tiles

Rust, no matter where it's occurring, can be a real pain to get rid of. It can often seem like no matter what you do, the stains just won't fade! Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect solution to remove rust marks from tiles quickly and easily - without any harsh chemicals. All you need is a little bit of time and some common household items or trusted cleaning products. So, let's get started!

What Causes Tiles to Rust?

Rust is basically the product of a chemical reaction that occurs when a metal item comes into contact with water. Rust is the common name for iron oxide which is the product of iron in metal coming into contact with the oxygen in the water.

Rust occurring on tiles can happen when metal chairs come into contact with moisture leaving rust on the tiles beneath them. Or when any other kind of metal product like a heater or a decorative piece of metal is exposed to moisture.

So, just how do you remove rust from tiles? We will take a look at how to quickly and easily remove rust marks on the most common types of tiles in the home including vinyl tiles, marble tiles, and ceramic tiles.

How to Clean Rust on Vinyl Tiles?

The best solution to clean rust off tiles like vinyl tiles is to mix a natural solution or paste of equal parts of white vinegar and table salt. It forms a sort of paste which you can then spread onto the rust stains. Leave the paste on overnight or for at least five hours before rinsing off with warm water the next day. If they are stubborn stains, you can use an old scrubbing brush that has gone soft to lift the stain more effectively.

How to Clean Rust on Marble Tiles?

Marble is one of the most beautiful tile types and looks amazing as flooring in the home. There is probably nothing unsightlier though than nasty, reddish-brown rust marks on your beautiful light marble tiles, now is there?

Mix a paste of baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide so that it forms into the consistency of peanut butter. Spread it onto the rust stain and leave it to sit on the stain for a day or two. If you want it to be more effective, cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap and tape it down to the floor around it. Remove and clean your marble tile as normal and you should have a rust-free tile.

How to Clean Rust on Ceramic Tiles?

Again, mixing a paste here is going to work wonders. For ceramic tiles, mix a paste of lemon juice and borax or baking soda. Spread this over the stain and allow it to soak in overnight or for at least a few hours before rinsing off normally. If you don’t have lemon juice, lime juice will work just as well.

It’s important to note that for tiles, anything that is too harsh or too acidic could damage the tiles. We recommend never using a bleach product to try and clean the rusty marks off any type of tile and also avoid pouring lemon juice directly onto the rust either; it should be slightly diluted or mixed into a paste first.

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How To Prevent Tiles from Rusting?

Of course, preventing rust from occurring in the first place is going to be the most logical move to make so that you can avoid having to clean it at all. The basis of all rust is the combination of metal and water, so if you can prevent these two things from coming into contact at all, you’ve stopped rust in its tracks.

  • If you have metal chairs in your dining room or outdoor patio, consider adding any scratch pads underneath the feet of the chairs to prevent rust from forming directly on the tiles.

  • After washing your tiled floor, do not put anything metal back on it (like heaters or decorative pieces) until the floor is completely dry.

  • Oil your metal furniture or ornaments to prevent rust from occurring and being transferred to flooring.

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Does Coke remove rust from tiles?

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