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How to clean wooden floors

Find out how to keep your wood or laminate floors sparkling clean with these tips on the best products & techniques to use for cleaning wooden floors!


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How do you clean laminate or wood floors? Is there a different cleaning method for each of these two surfaces? Which products are best suited to each of them, and which do not carry a risk for the material? If you are uncertain how to properly clean your floor, check out these cleaning tips.

This guide covers the most appropriate products and methods for keeping both laminate flooring and wooden floors clean and looking new. But before you start, remember to follow the instructions of each product and use it in a well-ventilated area. And don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands.

A clean floor makes a huge difference to your home, and there are a huge range of great cleaning products available to get your floors shiny and smelling fresh. Choose one with a fragrance that suits you, and follow the directions on the label.

How to Clean a Wood Floor?

Wooden floors are beautiful but require a little tender loving care to keep them at their best. Luckily, cleaning your wood floor is easy with these simple steps:

  • Start by sweeping the floor, using a broom with synthetic bristles to keep from scratching it. Other options include an electric broom or vacuum cleaner.

  • After sweeping the floor, it is time to mop. Choose a floor disinfectant suitable for wooden flooring – and read the label to work out the measurement ratio. Place the appropriate amount in a bucket with the corresponding amount of water. Dip the mop or broom mop in the solution and wring well, removing excess liquid. Swab gently over the floor, taking care not to wet the surface too much, and then wipe with a cotton cloth.

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  • The wooden floor can then be given a layer of wax in a small amount. Once waxed, the floor should be scrubbed gently with the help of a soft cloth. Be sure to read the directions for any floor wax, and to use it as directed.

How to Clean Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors are very easy to clean! These simple steps will take you through the best method:

  • To clean a laminate floor, first sweep the floor with a soft bristle broom.

  • Then pass a cloth that has been lightly dampened with a solution of floor disinfectant and water. Again, read the directions on the label to find an appropriate product.

  • Rub the cloth on the floor, taking care not to soak it, as this can cause the floor to swell or create bubbles. A damp cloth is more than enough.

  • Do not wax laminate floors because they will become stained.

More Tips on How to Clean Laminate Floors and Wood Floors

  • Do not use silicone-based products on wood floors or laminate floors. The silicone layers can be difficult to remove from the floor surface and also may stain.

  • Place pieces of felt under furniture in case you want to move them when housecleaning. This way, you will prevent your floor from getting scratched.

  • Avoid using abrasive tools to remove dirt, as it may scratch your floor.

It’s a good idea to sweep and mop the floor at least once a week to remove dust and renew their shine. By following these tips, your floor will stay clean and looking new.

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