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Red wine stain on carpet?

Worried about red wine stains on carpet? Read on for expert carpet cleaning advice so you can be prepared for any spills!


how to remove red wine from the carpet

A good host makes their guests feel relaxed, and unfortunately a slosh of red wine on carpet flooring is often the inevitable mark of a fun night-in and laid back environment. But when it’s your floor that’s at stake, it can be difficult to adopt a carefree attitude to such spillages. Don’t worry: a red wine stain on the carpet may look a little like a crime scene, but with the right method, it’s often less serious than it appears.

Commercial red wine stain removers are usually suitable for use on carpets, and can be very effective. Just make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and apply a test-patch in the corner of the room first. If you don’t have a specialist cleaner to hand, there are quick home solutions to remove red wine stains on carpet flooring – ideal if you’ve been caught completely off guard. Here’s how to remove red wine from carpet fibres quickly and effectively, so you can avert disaster and get back to your guests.

Losing wine to your carpet is not only a tragic waste of a good beverage, but can also be a sobering experience to clean. The trick to removing red wine stains from the carpet effectively is to stay calm and act fast – the sooner you begin the red wine stain removal process, the better the result.

remove red wine from the carpet

How to Remove Red Wine from the Carpet

  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but more wine can actually be the answer here. White wine can help neutralise red wine stains on carpet, diluting the colour and making it easier to lift and gently remove red wine stains from carpet fibres.

  • The same reasoning applies to club soda, as the carbonation works to lift the red wine stain from the strands of the carpet. Simply pour either onto the affected area and gently blot the excess moisture with a clean, lightly dampened towel or sponge.

  • Blot up as much of the stain as possible. A gentle lifting motion will stop you from pressing the stain deeper into the carpet, but will soak up the top layer of wine and the worst of the colour.

  • Sprinkle salt onto the stain. Salt will help draw out the moisture, so pour on enough to absorb the wine, with an additional layer for good measure. Cover with paper towels and weigh it down, leaving overnight for the best results.

  • Vacuum your carpet to clean up the salt, and voila: one wine-free, stain-free carpet suitable for any host or homeowner to sit back and relax in.

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