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OMO Bleach for Clean Bathroom Surfaces

Sometimes it feels like we just don’t have enough hours in a day. We’re often trying to create a balance in life, between working, taking care of the family, cooking and cleaning. Disinfecting our bathrooms should be the least of our worries.


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OMO Bleach for Clean Bathroom Surfaces

If you feel like all of those nooks and crannies in the bathroom are difficult to reach, and it seems like the dirt just hangs on no matter how much you scrub – you’re not alone. Most people find it hard to get their bathrooms truly clean. In fact, a recent study found that the average person spends over an hour per week cleaning their bathroom - but still struggles to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Thankfully, OMO has the answer with their range of effective bleach solutions for bathroom surfaces. OMO Bleach is the best choice for cleaning bathroom surfaces because it quickly removes tough stains and leaves surfaces cleaner than ever.

How does OMO Bleach work?

So, how does it work, you ask? Well OMO Bleach contains (chlorine) which oxidises molecules in the cells of viruses, bacteria and mould, which in simple terms means it kills them really quickly! Making it a quick and highly effective cleaning product to use.

Who doesn’t love a clean and shiny bathroom, right? OMO Bleach ingredients are designed to do just that. No need to use a variety of different cleaning products, with OMO Bleach you can clean your entire bathroom with just one great product.

How to clean bathroom surfaces?

Cleaning a Toilet with Bleach

Cleaning the toilet is probably your least favourite job around the house, right? But the longer you leave it the worse it gets. OMO Bleach kills all known germs by destroying harmful bacteria. We guarantee that cleaning your bathroom can be a quick (and painless) job when using OMO Bleach. Here’s how.

  • Always flush the toilet first and keep a cloth and brush just for toilet use.

  • Wearing gloves is advised for hygiene purposes.

  • Create a bleach solution using a quarter cup of OMO Bleach mixed in 10L of water.

  • Pour some of your ready-mixed bleach and water into the toilet bowl.

  • Wipe down the toilet seat and bowl with the rest of the bleach solution.

  • Leave the mixture in the toilet bowl for a few minutes and flush again.

Cleaning Grout with Bleach

One of the more difficult surfaces to clean is the stubborn grout between the tiles. Just washing the grout doesn’t get the stains out, but with a little bit of bleach and some elbow grease, your tiles will look brand new in no time. Luckily with OMO Bleach, it doesn’t have to be cleaned too often because it’s so effective at keeping grout clean.

Cleaning Stubborn Mould with Bleach

OMO Bleach is a fantastic way to remove unsightly mould in bathrooms. Mould loves moisture, so naturally, a bathroom is a prime spot for mould. Just spray some bleach onto the mould-affected areas and watch the mould disappear. Wait a few minutes and you can easily wipe the mould away.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles with Bleach

The beauty of OMO Bleach is that it can be used for every surface in your bathroom. Every so often you can also wipe down the walls of your bathroom with a little OMO Bleach to get gleaming, clean tiles.

Cleaning the Shower and Bathtub with Bleach

Over time bathtubs and showers can get a build-up of oils and other hygiene products, often causing some yellow discolouration. OMO Bleach will strip your tub and shower of these products making it clean again. All you need to do is wipe down the surfaces with a mixture of bleach and water once or twice a week.

What Makes Bleach the Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning solution?

Are you wondering, does OMO Bleach disinfect a bathroom? The answer is it does quickly and easily without the use of any other products! In the OMO Bleach range, you’ll be able to pick your favourite out of these great fragrance options;

Did you know that OMO bleach can be used to make your white laundry whiter again? Look out for more articles on how it can help to keep your clothing looking as white as new. Trust OMO to help you get the best from your laundry and the cleanest home possible, every day.


Does bleach damage bathroom surfaces?

No, it doesn’t when diluted to the correct ratio.

How do you use bleach to disinfect a bathroom floor?

Simply mix a quarter cup of OMO Bleach with 10L of water and then mop the floor as usual. Read our blog above for more information.

Is bleach an effective bathroom cleaning product?

Yes, it is, because it cleans and disinfects all at once.

What is the ratio of bleach to water for cleaning?

A quarter cup of OMO Bleach to 10L of water is the perfect ratio for bathroom cleaning.

Is it okay to clean the bathroom with bleach?

Yes definitely. It destroys pathogens, micro-organisms and bacteria that love to lurk in bathroom areas.

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