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Rug cleaning 101: how to clean jute, oriental and persian rugs at home

Looking for advice on how to clean a rug in your home? This article outlines Oriental and Persian carpet cleaning methods that are easy and effective.


persian carpet cleaning methods

Rugs add a unique finishing touch to any home but they often come with a hefty list of cleaning and care requirements. You can however reduce the need for costly cleaning services by taking various steps that will help keep your rugs in great condition.

To avoid damaging the delicate fringe of Persian and oriental rugs by combing it, straighten it by flipping the rug end-over-end.

How to Clean a Jute Rug

A jute rug is made up of hard, natural fibres, which look rather durable but this doesn’t mean that they don’t require regular cleaning. Soaps and detergents can also damage the rug so it’s important to know how to clean it properly.

Removing Stains from a Jute Rug

  1. If a spill occurs, start by dabbing any excess moisture. Rubbing the spill will cause the stain to set and can also fray the rug.

  2. Use a soft brush to gently brush the rug with some water.

  3. Use soda water instead of water if the stain is acidic.

  4. Use a hairdryer to dry the rug immediately after cleaning it.

  5. Use a blunt knife or spatula to scrape off any solids before cleaning the rug.

  6. Use a vacuum and stiff brush to brush the remains of the rug.

Jute Rug Care & Maintenance

  • Stop debris from wearing away the rug’s fibres by vacuuming it regularly.

  • If bound, remember to vacuum in the same direction that the binding has been sewn.

  • Jute rugs should never be shampooed or steam-cleaned. Too much water will also cause the rug to release oils and distort the fibres.

  • If your jute rug needs a deep clean, use a dry-carpet cleaning system.

How to Remove a Stain from an Oriental or Persian Rug

Most Persian and oriental rugs are made of silk or wool and can contain vegetable dyes, making cleaning a bit of a confusing topic. This is what you need to know.

Removing Stains from Persian & Oriental Rugs

  1. Use a paper towel to dab up any water.

  2. Use your paper towel on the outside of the stain first, working your way in

  3. Never use soap or bleach.

  4. Mix white vinegar and water at a ratio of 3:1 in a spray bottle.

  5. Gently spray the stain and use a soft brush in the direction of the pile.

  6. Use soda water instead of water if you’ve spilled something acidic such as wine.

  7. Use a fan or wet vacuum to dry it right away.

  8. If it’s a solid spill, use a spatula or blunt knife to scrap the mess up first.

How to Clean a Persian or Oriental Rug

Sometimes your Persian carpet cleaning needs to be more intensive, as does your oriental rug cleaning. Knowing how to clean a rug more thoroughly will help keep it in tip-top condition. If your rug is made of silk though, it will need professional attention.

  1. Remove any loose particles and debris by beating the rug first. If you feel your rug might be too delicate for this, rather leave it.

  2. Add wool-safe shampoo to some warm water.

  3. Create a foam by whisking the mixture.

  4. Put a small amount of foam on the rug without getting it wet.

  5. Softly rub the rug with a sponge in the direction of the pile.

  6. Use a small amount of water to rinse the rug, absorbing any excess water with a dry sponge.

Caring for Your Oriental or Persian Rug

  • Use a vacuum to clean both sides of the rug as this will lift up and remove any loose fibres, giving your rug that fluffy appearance again.

  • If your vacuum has a beater bar, rather turn this off to avoid any damage.

If you will be using a new cleaning product, rather test it on a small area of your rug first. Each rug also comes with its own instructions so be sure to read this before attempting to clean your rug.

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