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The Surface Cleaning Spray For Every Surface

From the bathroom to the kitchen, the Handy Andy cleaning sprays are a great versatile all-rounder


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All white and clean dishes, kitchen appliances and counter tops

Why Must Surfaces be Cleaned Regularly?

The Corona-19 pandemic has again drawn our attention to the importance of clean and germ-free surfaces. Everybody now uses cleaning sprays regularly. Washing hands and surfaces is a way of life.

The grocery shop cashier sprays the till counter before customers unpack their groceries. Electricians and other service providers spray their hands before and after every job. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, most of these germs are in your house as well. You and your family continuously move in and out of the house. Every time you enter your home and touch any surface, you either pick up or deposit germs.

The Surface Cleaning Spray for Every Surface

Luckily, you have a solution for the germs in your house. You can keep your home almost entirely germ-free if you use a surface cleaner like the Handy Andy Multipurpose with bleach Household Cleaning Trigger Spray. This Handy Andy Multipurpose with Bleach Trigger Spray not only kills most of all known germs, but leaves surfaces sparkling clean.

What Surfaces is The Handy Andy Spray Suitable for?

You can use Handy Andy Multipurpose with bleach Household Cleaning Trigger on all surfaces in your house. This variant contains bleach which acts quickly to kill germs and leave your home hygienically clean.

Handy Andy Household Cleaning Triggers are also available in the Bathroom, Kitchen, and Windows & Glass variants. The Kitchen variant is fast acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt. It is also a quick degreaser spray that leaves surfaces sparkly clean with ease.

The Bathroom variant cleans everyday bathroom dirt, limescale, and soap scum quickly while the Window & Glass variant acts fast to lift dirt and leave streak-free sparkling surfaces and windows. If you have a patio or other outdoor surfaces and furniture, you can clean them with Handy Andy Multipurpose with a bleach trigger. Handy Andy surface cleaner’s efficacy and speedy grime-fighting technology means you can spend more time with your family because you don’t have to worry about rinsing surfaces afterward.

Does the Handy Andy Surface Cleaner Disinfect?

The Handy Andy Household Multipurpose Cleaning Trigger variant contains bleach in its fast-acting formula and kills 99.9% of all known germs. The Kitchen, Bathroom, and Window & Glass Household Cleaning Triggers may not have those particular germ-killing ingredients; however, they are designed to be highly effective and start working to remove dirt from the moment you spray it on, leaving your surfaces sparkly clean.

Why Handy Andy?

For more than 50 years South Africans have trusted Handy Andy to keep their homes clean. Handy Andy has become a household name - winning the POTY (Product Of The Year) award in 2009, 2010, and 2012. In a Sunday Times survey in 2011 Handy Andy was voted South Africa’s 7th most loved brand.

Handy Andy’s surface cleaning sprays are part of this proud tradition. They were developed to provide you with all of Handy Andy’s great features. They lift dirt and clean surfaces. They also leave the surfaces shining and your home with a nice fresh fragrance.

How to Use Handy Andy?

It is very easy to use these Handy Andy Household Cleaning Triggers as a surface spray. Just spray it on the surface and leave it for a few seconds. Then wipe it away with a damp or dry cloth. For tough dirt or where you use the Handy Andy Kitchen Cleaning Trigger as a degreaser spray, leave it on for one minute before wiping it away. To get a very shiny finish wipe away with a dry cloth.

Bonus Cleaning Tip

To keep your house clean, do a quick clean every day. With the versatile Handy Andy cleaning sprays you can clean all the surfaces in a short time. A good tip is to always keep a cleaning kit ready.

Put a few quality cleaning cloths and sponges and your Handy Andy Household Cleaning Sprays in an easy-to-carry container. Every morning grab the kit and quickly clean household surfaces.

With everything ready in the kit, you can do your cleaning while waiting for your coffee to filter! Handy Andy keeps your home hygienically clean and smelling fresh. But remember to follow the directions on the container for the best results. Get your Handy Andy Household Cleaning Trigger surface spray now!

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