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Handy Andy – Trusted In South African Homes

Handy Andy has helped to keep homes clean and sparkling for years. It is one of South Africa’s most trusted household cleaning brands. The Handy Andy Cream has won the Product of the Year award four times. And, in 2011, Handy Andy was voted among the top 10 most-loved household cleaning brands in South Africa. There is no doubt that South Africans love Handy Andy cleaning products.

Handy Andy cleaning products are also available as refills for your convenience. Buy Handy Andy Refill Pouches to get more value for money.

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Handy Andy Cream Refill Pouches

Trust Handy Andy as South Africa’s top cleaner to remove stubborn dirt fast. Handy Andy Cream is specially formulated with millions of powerful microparticles that remove 100% of dirt.

As a powerful all-purpose cleaner, it helps you easily get rid of grease and stubborn dirt in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and other household areas. With Handy Andy Cream, the toughest dirt will easily slide off surfaces. Available in Lavendar, Lemon, and Potpourri.

Handy Andy Triggerless Refill Spray Range

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For the fastest clean, and products specifically designed to target particular areas around your home, there’s the Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays. Just spray and wipe – no need to rinse – and your surfaces will be clean and shiny in just ten seconds! Now that’s a time-saver!

Keep your trigger from your initial spray bottle to reuse when you buy the triggerless cleaning refills with the small cap. When you do this, you are buying less plastic and reusing your trigger.

Handy Andy recently launched a 200ml concentrated refill range for the floor and all-purpose 750ml bottle. This 200ml eco-friendly bottle is made with 60% less plastic than the 750ml bottle, is 100% recyclable, and made from recycled material. Just add the 200ml concentrated refill to your empty 750ml bottle and add 550ml tap water to make 750ml Floor and All Purpose Cleaner. Your refilled 750ml bottle can then be extended 1 cap to a litre of water to make an effective floor cleaner. In essence, this 200ml concentrate can be diluted to make 25 litres worth of floor cleaner, now that’s a value pack

Why Should I Buy Refills?

Handy Andy refills are the same trusted product that will lift the toughest dirt and leave your home squeaky clean. They come in a different package but are still the same powerful cleaning product. Even the most stubborn dirt stands no chance against South Africa’s favourite household cleaning brand.

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Handy Andy refill packs are made with the environment in mind. The benefits of a refill pouch outweigh those of regular rigid plastic containers; pouches are a more sustainable packaging choice. They use less plastic and are a more sustainable solution to reducing plastic waste.

Every year tons of plastic end up in landfills and oceans; single-use plastics, including those used to pack cleaning products, contribute to this pollution. By buying cleaning refills, you help to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Throwing away single-use plastic is bad for the environment. Refills are more sustainable than single-use cleaning supplies as they reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging and they consume less energy in the production process.

How much are Handy Andy Refills?

Handy Andy refillable cleaning products are budget-friendly and convenient. With refill packs, you’re able to refill the same container over and over again. You can easily restock on your Handy Andy Cream and Handy Andy Spray by buying the refill pouches and adding the cleaner to your existing container at home. Handy Andy cleaning product refills will make sure you get more bang for your buck.

What Are The Best Refillable Cleaning Products?

Handy Andy refillable cleaning products are available in convenient and affordable 750ml refill pouches. There is a variety of fresh scents to choose from. These refreshing fragrances will ensure that your home is not only clean and hygienic but also smells fresh all day long.

The Handy Andy Spray triggerless refill pouch comes in three variants:

The Handy Andy Creams pouch refills are available in 3 fragrances:

  • Lavender

  • Lemon Fresh

  • Potpourri

Try Handy Andy Today

For an environmentally friendly and affordable way to leave your home clean and sparkling, use Handy Andy refills. With cleaning product refills you can say goodbye to wasteful plastic use and get more value for your money.

Reduce the number of germs in your home with confidence and ease. Handy Andy removes the dirt you never thought you'd get rid of by causing even the most stubborn of grime and debris to simply slide off surfaces and floors upon contact. Add the Handy Andy Refill Pouches to your grocery list and you will not be disappointed.

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