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DIY Spice Rack Ideas to Store Spices

Spice up your kitchen and keep it organised with our DIY spice rack ideas.


boxes with different spices

Best Ways to Store Spices in Your Home

Spice up your kitchen and keep it organised with our DIY spice rack ideas.

Key Steps

Looking for spice rack ideas? Check out these options:

  1. Create a magnetic board and magnetic spice containers to hang in your kitchen.

  2. Suspend spice containers on hooks with a loop of string.

  3. Use rods lengthways in your drawers to keep jars organised.

With so many small separate jars, spices are always tricky to store. Put them in your cupboard and you’ll spend ages rooting around for what you need but leave them out on your kitchen counter and you’ll clutter up your kitchen – it’s a lose-lose situation! This is where our spice storage ideas come in. By getting a little creative with how to store spices, you can keep your kitchen neat and always find the seasoning you need.

Before making your DIY spice rack, be sure to check out how many spices you’ve got and how large their containers are so you can make something that works perfectly.

DIY Spice Rack

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When it comes to spice rack ideas, by opting for a DIY version rather than shop-bought, you can make storage to suit your needs, your kitchen, and your budget! Check out how to make this simple magnetic spice rack that looks great and makes accessing your spices easy:

  1. Find containers for your spices – they should be fairly shallow so they don’t stick out too far, and a see-through lid always looks better.

  2. Place the container onto a sheet of magnetic paper, trace around it and cut out the shape. Cut one for each container.

  3. Stick the magnetic paper to the base of your containers.

  4. Label each of your containers with the spice it contains.

  5. Cover a chalkboard with small sections of magnetic paper and attach the containers.

Once you’ve made your rack, choose a spot in your kitchen to hang it, or lean it against a wall for a more laid-back style. Simply pull off your spice pots as and when you need them!

How to Store Spices in a Small Kitchen

If you haven’t got a lot of space to work with, there are plenty of spice rack ideas for small kitchens you can use to make storing yours much easier:

  • Make the most of your wall space by adding small hooks and hanging your spice containers on a rope.

  • Place at least 2 rods lengthways in your drawer and use them to prop up your jars, making sure the label faces forward.

  • If you’re interested in wooden spice rack ideas, you can make one easily from an old wooden pallet, customising it to your exact needs.

  • Using these DIY spice rack ideas, you can create storage that works for you without spending too much. Be sure to check out more of our kitchen and cupboard organisation tips to keep your home looking its best.

For more kitchen storage ideas, visit Cleanipedia today!

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