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Denture cleaning tips and tricks

Sink your teeth into these tips and find the best way to clean dentures at home.


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Key Steps:

To clean dentures effectively follow these key steps:

  • Remove your dentures and brush them with normal toothpaste.

  • Place them in a pot of denture cleaning solution to soak.

  • Brush again before putting them back in your mouth.

We all know the importance of good general hygiene but keeping our teeth and mouths clean is one of the most important things we can do. For those of us without our real teeth, this is a question of knowing how to clean dentures thoroughly so that no bacteria-inducing debris builds up over time. For those who wear dentures and want to know how to clean false teeth, we’ve got some top tips on the best way to clean dentures at home including some surprising natural remedies.

There are a range of different methods of denture cleaning so it’s worth trying a few different techniques so you can decide which works for you.

Denture cleaning: the basics

For everyday hygiene, follow these denture cleaning tips:

  • Remove your dentures from your mouth.

  • Brush your dentures with a good quality toothpaste and gentle toothbrush. Work up a good lather to get between all the gaps.

  • Take a small pot and fill it with water. Drop in a denture cleaning table and wait for it to dissolve. Most will fizz up quickly.

  • Leave your dentures in the pot to soak. The packet will tell you how long to soak your dentures for but most can be left overnight.

  • Remove the dentures from the cleaning solution and brush them again before putting them back in your mouth.

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How to clean dentures naturally

If you want to avoid store-bought denture cleaners, there are a couple of natural options you can try:

How to clean dentures with baking soda

  1. Make your own baking soda toothpaste by combining two teaspoons with a dab of water. 

  2. Brush the paste across your dentures thoroughly and leave to rest for a few minutes on heavily stained areas.

  3. Always rinse your dentures thoroughly before putting them back into your mouth.

How to clean dentures with vinegar

  1. Soak dentures in white vinegar and let the acid break-down debris on the surface. 

  2. Combine equal parts white vinegar and warm water to get the right consistency. 

  3. Always rinse your dentures thoroughly before putting them back into your mouth.

How to clean dentures stains

Heavy stains not shifted by the above methods? The best way to remove denture stains is to let them soak in a good quality denture cleaning liquid.

  • Check which brand your dentist recommends for your dentures as there are a few different options of the market. 

  • Remember to give the stain a good scrub with a gentle toothbrush before and after to help remove stains.

How often should dentures be cleaned?

Dentures are essentially a replacement to your teeth so they should be cleaned as regularly as normal teeth. For most people this will be at least 2-3 times per day, ideally in the morning and evening after eating. This prevents food deposits from building up and helps maintain good oral hygiene.

If you only have partial dentures, remember to clean both your remaining teeth and your false ones at the same time. Just be sure that whatever method you choose is suitable for your dentures as you don’t want to damage them. If in doubt, check with your dentist first.

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