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DIY wood pallet ideas: things to make with pallets

Cut down on wood waste and get upcycling with these creative wood pallet ideas.


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Key steps

Upgrade your home with these DIY pallet ideas and tips:

  1. Create a pallet wall for a quirky look.

  2. Use pallets to create furnishings from coffee tables to plant boxes.

  3. For a brighter look, paint your pallets in rainbow colours.

  4. Remember to always remove old nails before starting your DIY projects.

Recycling and upcycling are more than just a trend now - it should be part of our day-to-day lives! With an environment that’s at risk and a sea full of plastic, it’s important we become cleverer with reusing the items we already have. One great way to do this is with DIY wood pallet ideas. These old pallets can be turned into a ton of items for your home, creating a space that’s unique and eco-friendly. Check out this guide on how to make pallet furniture for inspiration.

Make sure you have a pair of thick gloves and eye goggles on when handling pallets for your DIY wood pallet ideas. This will protect you from nails that may pop out and to avoid splinters.

Pallet wall ideas

Creating a DIY pallet wall is a great way to spruce up a room and it isn’t as hard as you might think. Follow these steps to get started with your pallet wall idea:

  1. Collect your pallets. Don’t worry about matching them - different colours and sizes give a more rustic look.

  2. Sand the pallets down. Get rid of any nails at this point too.

  3. Attach plywood boards. Use wooden screws to attach these to your wall.

  4. Place your pallets. Start from the top and stagger the position as you move down the wall so they’re not all in one straight line. Attach them to the wall with nails.

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Wood pallet ideas to make furniture

For eco-friendly furnishings, there are a lot of things you can do with wood pallets. These are just a few DIY pallet projects you can try:

  • Add wheels to your pallets and top them with plants or design books for a contemporary coffee table.

  • Take your pallet apart and reassemble them to make cute flower boxes or lanterns for your outdoor space. You can even use them indoors for a rustic look!

  • Attach heavy-duty ropes and transform your pallet into a swinging bed or hammock in your garden.

  • Pile them up and add faux leather or fabric cushions on them to make some stools for extra seating at your kitchen or living room.

Pallet painting ideas

No matter which DIY pallet ideas you choose, with a little paint you can quickly add character to yours and make them match your personal style.

Here are a few pallet painting ideas we like:

  • Shabby chic: paint your pallets and sand them to remove some of the fresh paint to create a worn or distressed look.

  • Rainbow: paint each slat on your pallet a different colour for a bright and fun look.

  • Create a sign: paint the entire pallet one colour before writing a quote or design of your preference in a different colour over the top. Hang on your wall for DIY art!

Make your home your own with these pallet ideas and help cut down on wooden waste at the same time. One of the benefits of these things to make with pallets is that they’re completely customisable, so you can get as creative as you want! For more DIY home furniture projects, why not learn how to make a lampshade from scratch next?

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