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Festive Season Home Décor Tips

Get Christmas home décor inspiration by reading our article.


A Christmas holly wreath and other decorations on the wooden table

Festive Season Décor Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even though in South Africa, we don’t get to experience that cosy, cold, snowy Christmas that the Northern hemisphere does, we can still decorate our homes with our own special brand of hot, summer festive fun.

Here are a few Christmas decorating ideas to do at home no matter where you are in the world. When it comes to Christmas house décor, implementing a few, creative hacks into your decorating regime can turn drab décor into something absolutely dreamy.

How To Decorate Your Home For The Festive Season?

At Cleanipedia, we’re all about tips and tricks. Here are our favourite Xmas interior decorating ideas that are simple and very effective:

Choose A Colour Palette

First thing on the agenda is to choose a colour palette for your Christmas home décor. Looking at how much time you have, what decorations you already have, and if you have any budget for new things, will help determine which way you go in the colour palette space.

Sticking with traditional reds and golds is always a winner, or you could try some non-traditional combinations like blue and white, pink and red, or even super-natural like woods and golds. The choice really is yours. The key here is, choose a colour palette and let it run through all the decorations you do.

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Start With The Tree

Of course, what would Christmas be without a tree, right? With your colour palette in mind, decorate your Christmas tree with the colours you’ve chosen. Include lights (which should always be put up first) and make sure you choose some special, sentimental ornaments to hang on the tree too. If you have a tree that needs a planter to stand in, consider using an old pot plant and spray painting it gold, or using some festive material to cover the planter base.

Use As Much Recyclable Goods As You Can

Offset any carbon emissions you might be using on buying new things, by using as much recycled materials as you can. If you have access to fallen pine cones, they are great to use as table decorations. Spray paint them in your colour palette choice and leave them on the table or next to the fireplace for a beautiful effect. Eucalyptus leaves and pine leaves also make for great additions to your Christmas décor.

Don’t Forget To Decorate The Kitchen

A mistake often made is that we decorate the entrance hall and lounge area where our families and guests are going to gather, but we forget to decorate the kitchen – where all the magic happens. Don’t leave the cooks in the kitchen feeling left out as they prepare the feasts. Make sure you bring your decorations and colour palette into the kitchen area too.

DIY Gift Wrap

A great way to save money and be environmentally conscious at this time of the year, is to consider making your own DIY gift wrap. Read our article on Festive Gift Wrapping Hacks.

How To Decorate Your Home For The Festive Season?

What Are The Tips For Decorating Your Home For Christmas?

What are the top tips for decorating your home for Christmas? When you ask any interior designer or expert what their top tip is for Christmas decorating, the majority will tell you that it’s all about the colour scheme. So, make sure you choose a colour scheme that you love and stick to it. Let the colour scheme play out in everything you do from the colours on the tree, to how you style the Christmas table on the day.

For more festive decoration ideas, tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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