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Fireplace ideas for a warm and stylish home

Get ready for warm and cosy nights with our fireplace ideas.


Fireplace ideas for a warm and stylish home

Fireplaces can be a central design feature in any home and with some stylish fireplace ideas, you can add a chic touch to yours. Whether it’s brick or gas fireplace ideas you’re looking for, we’ve got plenty of tips to inspire you. Time to get your creative juices flowing!

Before you begin working on your fireplace renovation ideas, make sure it is in perfect condition and safe to manipulate. Clean it with a multipurpose cleaner, like Handy Andy, and get experts to disconnect the fire if necessary.

Think about the theme

Well-crafted fireplace decorating ideas can really catch the eye. Before drawing up any plans, take a look around your room and consider what will fit in with your current style. A fireplace should always match the main décor style - if you want something that’s completely different, consider redecorating the room as well as the fireplace.

Fill the space

Just because we’re talking about fireplace renovation ideas doesn’t mean you have to get a fire! Instead of thinking of the fireplace as a source of heat, look at it as a blank canvas for your style to shine through.

  • Fill it with fire-ready logs anyway: using an ornate log holder and matching fireplace tools can add a lot of character to the room. 

  • Embrace a more organic design: for a slightly different approach, fill most or all of the fireplace with chopped wood. This will bring an earthy and natural look to your room.

  • Place some candles inside: if you choose to light them, use a fire screen to keep the flames away from any flammable items and children. 

  • Highlight your plants and flowers: show off how well you've managed to keep them alive in an unexpected spot!

Age your fireplace

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One of our favourite fireplace makeover ideas is giving the featured a "distressed" look. If you’ve got a rustic style going on, a weathered paint look is ideal and will really tie the room together. For older brick fireplaces, ideas include filling the space with old books and adding a thick piece of aged timber for the mantlepiece. 

Gas fireplace ideas

Although you can certainly implement modern painted fireplace ideas, a designer gas fire will definitely add to the contemporary feel of any lounge. If you like the sound of simply installing a new fire to update your décor then this is the one for you!

Fireplace wall ideas

So far, we’ve mentioned mainly fireplace design ideas – now let’s look at how you can make an impact by utilising the wall space around it. Your fireplace will always be the centrepiece, but striking fireplace wall ideas can really add to the feature.

  • Paint: an easy way to make your fireplace stand out is to use two shades of paint - one for the fireplace and the other for the wall surrounding it. Go for a classic look with a black and white combination or opt for a more vivid look with a blue and green mix.

  • Stone: surround your fireplace with stone and let it meet the ceiling. This will create a dramatic effect and also accentuate the height of your room! For a more harmonious look, you can complement the stone with some wood.

  • Metal: this is a bold choice that integrates best in décor with an industrial feel. It can also match a rustic environment depending on the type of metal.

  • Wood: the options are endless with wood panelled fireplaces. They can feature many different types of designs depending on the colour and shapes they have and always create an elegant and sophisticated look. 

Fireplace tile ideas

Fireplaces often come with a tiled surround, but if they don’t you can always add your own! One of the best fireplace makeover ideas is to add some funky tiles to bring a modern touch - from glass to mosaic tiles, as long as they're heat resistant if close to the fire! Whatever your style is, be creative with your fireplace tile ideas and come up with something unique.

Whether it’s a complete replacement fire, clever placement of design touches in an empty space, or creative painted fireplace ideas, there is so much you can do. Use our top tips for inspiration and create your own stylish fireplace today.

  • Consider the space you have.

  • Work ideas into your current room style.

  • Make sure everything is clean and clear before starting.

  • Use your wall space, tiles and washed-out paint to create a statement.

  • Consider a designer gas fire for a contemporary look.

  • Call in the experts for anything you’re unsure of.

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