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How to clean false eyelashes correctly

Learn how to keep false eyelashes clean including some unexpected expert tips.


false lashes cleaning

A good pair of fake eyelashes can go a long way and make your eyes look fantastic. However, buying new ones after each use can be pretty expensive, so it pays to learn how to keep false eyelashes clean and take care of them. Leftover glue and mascara can cause clumping and debris that really undermines your look, but luckily, getting clean fake eyelashes is easier than you think. Here are our top tips on how to clean false lashes to keep them (and you) looking better for longer…

Never share lashes with friends or family, even after cleaning them as this can transfer nasty bacteria from one person to another.

How often should you be cleaning fake lashes?

When it comes to washing false lashes the first thing to know is when you need to do it. This is a tricky one as it depends on frequency of use and type of lash.

  • Disposable lashes: many people re-use disposable lashes – if you’re careful they can last you 2 to 3 outings. Always be careful to clean and dry them thoroughly after each use to prevent the build-up of bacteria, which can cause infections.

  • Durable lashes: for more durable lashes (often the larger theatrical types) it’s worth giving them a quick refresher every time you use them and a more thorough clean at least every 5 wears.

How to clean fake eyelashes: a step-by-step guide

Now you know all about the when, the next question is how to clean fake lashes. The technique is similar to other make-up cleaning routines like refreshing your beauty blenders (we wrote about the best ways to clean your makeup sponge), but it’s important to know exactly what to do for lashes. Here is our step-by-step guide:

  1. Remove your false lashes from your eyes.

  2. Place them flat on a clean cloth or tissue.

  3. Apply a small amount of make-up remover to a cotton wool ball.

  4. Rub gently over the lashes to remove any remaining glue or make-up.

  5. If there are stubborn areas, apply slightly more pressure and rub repeatedly until fully removed.

  6. Make sure to fully clean the lash band in particular – where it’s easy for gunk to build up.

  7. Rinse off the make-up remover with clean water.

  8. Pat dry with the towel or tissue then leave to dry fully in the air.

  9. Be sure not to squeeze the lashes dry as this could cause damage and bend them out of shape.

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If you don’t have any make-up remover to hand or you find that it doesn’t get everything off completely, consider using alcohol instead. Ideally pure alcohol, but clear, strong spirits like vodka (unsweetened and unflavoured!) can also do the trick.

Another handy tip is to use a spray bottle. By putting your disinfecting solution – whether make-up remover or alcohol – in a bottle with a spray nozzle it’s very easy to give your lashes a quick spritz. Be sure to only do this after removing them!

Now you know how to clean false eyelashes, there’s no reason to have any gunk or debris on them in the future. Simply follow these simple steps and enjoy beautiful, clean and glamorous lashes wherever you go.

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