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How to decorate a wall: large and small wall décor ideas for the home

Dress up a dull wall – without breaking the bank – with these large and small wall décor ideas.


Colourful wallpaper with palm trees

Key steps

Transform your house with these wall décor ideas:

  1. Cover chipped walls with a photo gallery, stencils, or DIY canvases.

  2. Show off your favourite items using storage hooks.

  3. Use bold wallpaper to create feature walls.

  4. Hang a large abstract painting to add colour and character to your bedroom.

Looking to brighten up your home? If you’ve put off redecorating before because you think it’s going to drain your bank account and take up a lot of time, you’ll be happy to know there are a lot of little ways you can spruce up your space that make a big difference. The answer? Simple yet effective wall décor ideas!

For clever wall covering ideas, why not hide fuse boxes by hanging a canvas in front of them? Hang it on a hinge for easy access!

Living room wall décor ideas

Your living room is the social space of your home, so keeping it looking its best is important. If you want large wall décor ideas for a living room or just some simple ways of adding a bit of style to the space, check out these options:

  • DIY canvases: if you have an artistic flair, why not buy a simple canvas from a craft store and create some original art? It’s a great way to save money and add a personal touch to your room.

  • Stencil a wall: buying or making your own stencil isn’t difficult and it’s a great way to create a feature wall. Whether you opt for one large mural or a repeating pattern, it’s up there with the most popular home wall décor ideas.

  • A gallery wall: a gallery wall can instantly make your room feel like yours. Choose your frames - you could pick matching modern styles or a mix and match of vintage frames - and fill them with family photos, pictures of friends or your favourite art.

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Bedroom wall décor ideas

How to decorate a wall in your bedroom? We’ve got plenty of large and small wall décor ideas you can use for inspiration:

  • Wall covering ideas: to completely cover an old wall that’s full of bumps, cracks, and chipped paint a wall hanging is the way to go. You can, for example, use storage hooks to hang (and show off) your most treasured items – such as hats, potted plants or a guitar collection. It adds a creative and cosy feel to your bedroom.

  • Big and bright art: if your wall can’t host a whole gallery, why not focus on one big colourful work of art? A bold abstract piece adds all the colour and character your white wall needs.

  • Feature wallpaper: for large wall décor ideas in bigger rooms, feature walls can turn a blank space into a focal piece. Try a graphic mural or a bold wallpaper – like a brick-inspired wall for a modern, industrial feel.

Our home wall décor ideas are designed to inspire and drool over. Now it’s time for you to pick your favourite and get started! If your wall needs a new coat of paint first, you can find inspiration with our wall painting ideas.

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