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How to design a study room: ideas for small spaces

Banish the school blues with our study room storage and decorating ideas.


bedroom with a study desk

Key steps:

Follow these study decorating ideas to create a room you’ll be happy to work in:

  1. Keep colours bright.

  2. Avoid clutter.

  3. Add motivational items, such as inspirational quotes.

  4. Keep your space clean with multi-purpose options like Handy Andy.

Whether you’re revising for exams or getting work done at home, creating a study spot is a great idea! It’s a space where you can escape the noise of the rest of your home, focus, and get in the mindset to work. To make sure yours is exactly what you need, we’ve put together some home study room ideas that you can check out.

Only have a tiny space? Keep your study room design minimal by storing items you don’t need all the time in another spot in your home.

Study room ideas for storage

When it comes to study room design, considering your storage is crucial to making a space that works for you. Make sure you know what kind of items you’ll be storing in your room before you start designing, and then plan according to that. If you have a lot of books, a wall-mounted shelving unit can be a great idea.

Study room ideas for small rooms

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There are plenty of small study room ideas that’ll help you make the most of even the tiniest space! Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Wall-mounted storage. Make the most of your wall space by using wall-mounted storage, such as wire racks and shelving.

  • Study table ideas. Go for a slimline desk to stop your room feeling too cluttered. If a lack of storage is your issue, choose a desk with built-in drawers.

  • Rolling storage. Rolling storage units let you move your furniture and access all corners of your room when you need to.

  • Rail and buckets. Attach a rail to the wall above your desk and hook baskets on it to store stationery and other small items out of the way but still within reach!

Study decorating ideas

Decorating a study is just as important as working out practical storage solutions. It’s important you create a space you love to work in, after all!

  • When it comes to colour choice, keep things light and bright to help you stay happy and energised as you study.

  • Add things that motivate you, whether that’s pictures of your family or inspirational quotes. 

  • Make sure your room is comfortable, too, with a good supportive chair and plenty of space to move around and stretch your legs.

  • Finally, don’t forget to keep your space clean and keep dust at bay with an effective product such as Handy Andy.  

Kids study room ideas

If you’re wondering how to design a study room for kids, remember to keep things a little more playful, with fun storage and furniture in colours they love. You can also get them more excited about the room by asking them to help design it: creating a space that’s truly theirs. Try and keep distracting items in the room to a minimum and make sure there’s always a comfy spot for reading!

These modern study room ideas should give you all the inspiration you need to create a spot that’s perfect to revise in! Now all that’s left to do is fill it up with your books, pens, and notepads before getting to work. For great tips to make your studying routine more efficient, check out our study tips for students.

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