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How to divide a room: 4 easy room separator ideas

For a more blissful living space, divide and conquer with these tips!


How to divide a room: 4 easy room separator ideas

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to divide a room: from creating a more organised space to adding privacy to a shared room. With these room divider ideas, which each have a clear set of pros and cons, you can design the space you need without pricey construction work.

Remember to think about the size of your room when choosing room separator ideas. For smaller rooms, a thin foldaway screen or curtain is usually best.

Bookshelf separators

If you’re looking at more creative ways to divide a room, why not set up some well-placed bookshelves?

  • Pros: it’s probably one of the easiest room separator ideas out there and you can adjust the look to suit your style: from traditional looks, like wooden shelves filled with second-hand books, to modern minimalistic shelves with art and design books.

  • Cons: bookshelves can be quite bulky, so for smaller rooms they might take up too much space to be a sensible option.

Curtain partition wall ideas

For how to divide a room in a quick and simple way, curtains are a great option.

  • Pros: for space-saving partition wall ideas, curtains can be very thin and take up little room while still allowing you the privacy you want. For bedrooms, these are a great idea, letting you separate the area as and when you want to before opening them up when you need more space.

  • Cons: thicker, dark coloured curtains can make a room feel a little claustrophobic, and they don’t always go well with the space around them.

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Japanese room partition ideas

These are easy to find at furniture stores or, if you’re lucky, shops that sell second-hand items!

  • Pros: if you’re on the hunt for more unusual wall divider ideas, the style of these can add a unique look to your home, particularly with the range of colours and patterns available. They’re also thin enough for small rooms and can be folded away when not in use to open up your space again.

  • Cons: these can be pretty expensive if you can’t find any second-hand options so they’re not always great if you’re looking for cheap room divider ideas or have a strict budget.

Floating room divider ideas for a living room

Want something that isn’t too obtrusive? Create a floating area by hanging shelves from a clothes rail. Fill them with decorative pieces or, for bedroom divider ideas, use them to store clothes.

  • Pros: the versatility of this room divider lets you make it whatever you want and match it to your style. By using it for storage, it can also add more usable space in your room.

  • Cons: it needs a fair bit of work to be made, so you have to be pretty good at DIY - or know someone who is!

Now you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to make your decision! Consider all pros and cons to decide which separator idea is right for your home and re-design your rooms without any hassle.

  • Before picking a room divider, remember to consider your room size.

  • For smaller rooms, a Japanese foldaway screen is a great option.

  • Larger rooms can be separated with bookshelves or floating storage.

  • Consider your budget before picking your room divider!

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