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How to organise your closet in 5 easy ways

Give your wardrobe a new lease of life! These easy steps will show you how to organise your closet.


Renovating your house? Make space for a walk-in closet design

When it comes to spring cleaning, an area of our home we often forget is the closet. Sure, it might not make your room look messy when the doors are closed, but it’s a cleaning priority nonetheless! Learning how to organise your wardrobe will make your mornings easier and looking good simpler.

Once the wardrobe is empty and you’re ready to begin organising it, wipe it over with a surface cleaner like Handy Andy before storing back your clothes. This will help remove any dirt that has accumulated and will keep your closet smelling fresh.

5 ways to organise your closet

1.     Clear it out

First things first, it’s time to get everything out - it’ll make it a lot easier to organise your closet. If you have a free-standing clothes rail, it’s a great idea to transfer all of your clothes onto it so you can see everything clearly. If not, simply lay them out in a large space where you’ve got plenty of room to sort through them.

2.     Categorise

When it comes to ways to organise your closet, the best place to start is by sorting through the clothes you have. We recommend organising them into broader categories first, such as shoes, clothes and accessories. Then, break those down into smaller sections, such as tops, jeans, jumpers and so on. You can now start going through each section one by one!

3.      Get rid of what you don’t wear

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If you’re on the hunt for closet ideas to maximise storage, why not try to cut down on what you own first? From the sections you’ve already created, go through each one and split it into three piles: keep, donate and toss. We know that throwing out clothes isn’t always easy, so if you’re struggling, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I worn it in the last year?

  • Will I wear it again?

  • Does it still fit?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Is it a unique piece in my wardrobe or do I have a lot of the same style?

4.      Closet storage ideas

Now that you’ve sorted out your clothes, it’s time to move onto storage. Here are a few bedroom closet ideas you can take inspiration from to keep your wardrobe organised:

  • If you keep shoes in your closet, a great idea is to store them in boxes and keep them on the wardrobe floor. The boxes can be see-through or have labels on them, so you know which pair is where.

  • If you’re looking for wardrobe ideas and space isn’t an issue, you can fit a set of drawers beneath your clothes to store folded items, such as underwear or t-shirts.

5.     Small closet ideas

Not sure how to organise your closet because of limited space? We’ve got some savvy tips to help you out.

  • Add storage to the doors. These could be hanging pockets for smaller items, a shoe rack or rails that you can hang scarves and belts from.

  • Double hang your clothing. Connect two coat hangers together with a ring pull from a can or hand cardigans and coats over the top of other items to double your space.

  • Use dividers. Arrange hanging clothes and folded items into clear sections and use dividers or shelves to keep things organised.

  • Only hang this season's clothes. Keep your winter clothes in vacuum sealed bags during summer, and vice versa. It’s these little things that are going to keep your small closet organised whilst not compromising on space.

With these closet organisation tips, you’ll be on your way to a neater, more organised wardrobe in no time. Remember to donate any items you no longer wear!

  • Use a duster to get rid of dust and dirt on any shelves.

  • Vacuum the closet floor.

  • If it’s dirty, wipe it over with a surface cleaner like Handy Andy, which will keep it clean and smelling fresh.

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