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How to press flowers to make potpourri

Fill your home with the scent of flowers with our guide on how to make potpourri.


purple flowers in a blue jug

Key steps:

To make potpourri:

  1. Remove the stems from your flowers.

  2. Dry the flowers and petals in the oven.

  3. Add essential oils for a stronger scent.

  4. Arrange as desired.

Whether you’re looking for a way to fragrance your home or you want to put your DIY present-making skills to the test, potpourri is a great and easy craft anyone can try. These pretty pressed flowers not only smell amazing, but they look beautiful too. Learn how to make potpourri with our complete guide and fill your home with fragrance.

Once you make potpourri from dried flowers, freshen it up every week or so by adding a few drops of essential oils.

How to press flowers for potpourri

To make potpourri, you first have to learn how to dry flowers:

  1. Remove the stems and separate the petals if you’d like to.

  2. Lay your flowers and petals out on a baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper beneath.

  3. Bake your flowers at 90℃ for around 2 hours.

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This method is the same whether you want to know how to dry rose petals, how to dry proteas, or how to dry any other flowers. If you're worried about over-drying them, you can check that they’re ready by touching the petals. They should feel hard and completely dry - leaving any moisture in the flowers can cause them to become mouldy so it’s important you follow this step carefully.

How to dry roses and other flowers with extra fragrance

If you really want fragrant potpourri, you can add essential oils just before you put them in the oven to dry.

  • If you’re learning how to make potpourri with rose petals, add a little rose oil to really bring their fragrance out. 

  • Add slices of orange or lemon and cinnamon sticks to give your flowers a citrus scents.

How to display your potpourri

Once you’ve learnt how to make potpourri from dried flowers, it’s time to display your new home fragrance. Try these ideas:

  • Arrange in a display bowl for a table centrepiece.

  • Add it to little linen sachets and pop around your home - these are especially useful for scenting drawers and wardrobes!

  • Fill a glass vase or jug for a more unique look.

  • For a temporary display, you can also mix your potpourri with fresh flowers.

Which flowers should you use for potpourri?

You can use any flower to make potpourri so why not switch yours up for each batch until you find the ones you like the best! 

Make sure your home always smells beautiful without spending a fortune, and create thoughtful, personal gifts for all your friends and family. Just remember to dry your flowers properly and your homemade potpourri will be a big hit! For other ways to keep your house smelling it’s best, take a look at our guiddes on  how to make candles and how to use essential oils.

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