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How to store wine at home: 3 DIY wine rack ideas

Raise a glass with our unique DIY wine storage ideas for proud sommeliers.


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Key steps:

Store your wine properly on your DIY wine rack by following these steps:

  1. Find a room that’s cool, but not too cold.

  2. 50-80% humidity is ideal for storing wine.

  3. Make sure it’s somewhat dark, avoiding direct sunlight.

Whether you’ve got a museum-worthy collection or just a few bottles, there are plenty of inventive ways to both store and show off your wine that you can make yourself. Learn how to build a wine rack yourself with our wine rack ideas for inspiration and get started.

After creating your DIY wine rack, match it to your home’s decor by painting it, covering it in fabric, or adding embellishments.

1. DIY wine rack ... using a wooden pallet

If you’re looking for kitchen wine rack ideas, make one out of a wooden pallet for a rustic feel that's easy to attach to the wall.

  1. Find an old pallet in good condition. Look for one with thick wood that can hold up wine bottles.

  2. To make your DIY wine holder, you'll be using the end of the pallet. Choose the end that is in the best condition.

  3. Saw through the pallet approx. 2 planks from the end. This smaller section will be your DIY wine holder.

  4. Remove a plank from the larger section of the pallet. The remaining scrap wood may be useful for other renovation projects.

  5. Nail the removed plank to the bottom of the smaller section to make a flat base. 

  6. Sand the whole structure lightly to make sure it's safe. Paint, varnish, or stain as desired - try our wood painting tips.

  7. Fix to the wall by drilling holes through the planks of the pallet (which form the back of the wine rack) and screwing to the wall.

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2. DIY wall wine rack ideas ... using scrap wood

For simple wine storage ideas, transform scrap wood into a simple wall-mounted holder:

  1. Find a large piece of wood and cut it to an even rectangular shape. The size will depend on how many bottles you want to store.

  2. Take (or cut) a narrower piece of wood the same length or slightly shorter than the first piece.

  3. Mark out evenly-spaced holes in the second piece of wood that leave enough room between them to fit a wine bottle.

  4. Drill or cut the holes. They should be big enough for a wine bottle cap to fit through but catch at the bottle's shoulder.

  5. Attach the two pieces of wood using nails. Join the side of the second piece to the front of the first piece in an L-shape. Don't forget to lightly sand and varnish or paint the wood too.

  6. Attach the back of largest piece of wood to your wall to mound the wine rack and store your bottles in it upside down,

  7. For added security, cut a narrow strip of wood or dowel to the length of your wine rack and attach it to the backplate using small squares of wood so that it sticks out a little further than the main wine rack. Position it so that it acts as a barrier to your wine bottles about halfway up.

To customise this DIY wine rack idea, alter the type and colour of the wood you use, add an interesting motif or pattern, or use a more complex shape for the back of the wine rack.

3. DIY wine cabinet ideas ... using old furniture

For an easy DIY wine cabinet, repurpose an old wooden cabinet that's seen better days:

  1. Remove any doors, drawers, handles, and embellishments from the cabinet.

  2. Cut lengths of wood the same width as the interior of the cabinet. How many you'll need will depend on the size of your cabinet.

  3. Sand everything lightly to make sure it is safe. Paint and varnish as desired.

  4. Attach the lengths of wood inside the cabinet using wood glue and nails. They can be arranged in straight rows to create a cube pattern or diagonally to create an diamond grid. Make sure the gap between each length of wood is big enough for a wine bottle.

  5. Clamp each piece of wood together firmly and leave any glue to dry for at least 24 hours. 

  6. Once secure, place the cabinet on its side with the open side facing outwards. 

  7. Place your bottles inside, using the wooden sections to hold and separate them.

With these tips on how to make your own DIY wine racks, you're ready to toast your new home feature with a glass of pinotage. But, in case of any unfortunate spills from the glass, read up on how to remove wine stains from clothes and get red wine out of carpet.

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