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How To Use Potpourri Cream To Clean Your Home

Read about cleaning your house with Potpourri Cream now.


How To Use Potpourri Cream To Clean Your Home

The Use Of Potpourri Cream In Your Home

When you smell the fragrant scent of potpourri in a home, you often experience a medley of emotions that make you feel relaxed. Potpourri fragrance is a mixture of dried petals and spices that evoke a sense of welcoming calm and is often a top choice of fragrances for most homes.

That’s why Handy Andy has chosen potpourri as one of its top scents in its home cleaning products range. The new Handy Andy Cream Cleaner offers 100% stubborn dirt and grease removal and is an excellent product choice when cleaning your home. The Potpourri scented option allows the soft scent of potpourri to waft through your home once you've cleaned your surfaces with the cream cleaner.

When it comes to good home cleaning products, Handy Andy Cream Cleaner in potpourri is a great choice. Let’s take a look at how to use the Handy Andy cream to clean your home and what fragrances this new range offers.

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Is Potpourri Cream Safe For Home Use?

Are you wondering what is all purpose cream about? And if potpourri is a safe scent to choose? Handy Andy Cream Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner which means that it can clean a range of different surface types. From cleaning surfaces in the bedroom like shelving and nightstands, to cleaning walls and surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, Handy Andy Cream Cleaner has 100% natural cleaning particles that do not leave any harmful residue on surfaces. It is a completely safe cleaner to use in the home.

How To Use Handy Andy Potpourri Cream Cleaner

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Here is a quick guide on how to use the cream cleaner at home:

  • Apply the cream cleaner directly to the surface you are wanting to clean at home or you can wipe on using a damp cloth.

  • Wipe over the cream again with a clean, damp cloth and rinse away the cleaner.

  • This will leave the surface bright and shiny.

Where To Buy Potpourri Cream?

Wondering how much is an all-purpose cleaner like Handy Andy Cream Cleaner and where to get it? You'll find Handy Andy Cream Cleaner in a range of different fragrances including Potpourri, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemon from all leading retail outlets. It is available in 500ml, 750ml, 1.5L, and 5L bottles as well as 750ml refill pouches and the price varies depending on the size of the bottle or refill you choose. For more home cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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