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Kitchen and bathroom tile ideas

The right tiles are the key to your dreamed kitchen and bathroom.


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Key steps

Once you’ve picked your tile ideas, learn how to keep them clean:

  1. Sweep off any dirt and debris daily: remove water after showering and any splashes after cooking.

  2. Use Handy Andy to wipe down your tiles.

  3. Keep an old, soft-bristled toothbrush in your cupboard to clean the grouting between the tiles.

Whether your walls haven’t been painted in years or your floors are looking a little drab, tiling your kitchen and bathroom is a great way to give them a new lease of life - especially when you consider all the different colours and patterns available. Check out our tile ideas for inspiration and transform your home with new tiles.

Cleaning tiles is straightforward with the right cleaning products and methods! Make sure yours gleam by using a multi-purpose cleaner like Handy Andy. Follow the instructions on the label and remember to take all necessary safety precautions.

Bathroom tile ideas: tips before your buy

Regardless of the style you choose, there are three things you should always consider when tiling the bathroom:

  1. Be practical: it’s better to opt for ceramic or porcelain when it comes to shower tile ideas, as they’re much lower maintenance than natural stone.

  2. Don’t over think it: bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms should be simple – avoiding hectic patterns. Larger bathrooms have a bit more room for bright colours or patterns but try to use these features as accents so you don't overcrowd the space.

  3. Go for light colours when space is tight: the colour of your bathroom can really make an impact on how the space feels. White, creams and light greys give the illusion of more space and keep the tone of the room calm and clean so they're idea for smaller rooms.

Bathroom tile ideas: 5 favourite styles

Now we've covered the basics, here are some bathroom wall tile ideas and bathroom floor tile ideas for all room sizes:

  1. Ombre: ombre isn’t just a trendy hair colour, it also looks incredible on a mosaic-tiled bathroom wall of whites and light blues.

  2. Honeycomb: play with an irregular pattern and hexagonal shapes that catch the eye. Choose a neutral palette to make sure it isn’t too overwhelming on a small bathroom.

  3. Geometric: this is a great way to bring a predominantly white bathroom to life and looks best with neutral tones of white, grey, and black.

  4. Single colour: choosing a single colour in two contrasting textures – such as metallic tones and greys – adds a touch of glamour to any bathroom. Pairing tiles with a contrast colour grouting is also perfect for modern bathroom tile ideas.

  5. Mix and match: make a statement by alternating tiles. For example, place grey tiles on the floor, cream tiles on three walls and a mix of light greys and cream tiles on the fourth.

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Kitchen tile ideas: 5 favourite styles

Many of the tips and styles we've listed for bathroom tiles can also be applied in the kitchen. In this room, you want practical tiles that are easy to wipe clean but that doesn't mean you're restricted on choice. There’s a lot to like about kitchen wall tile ideas and floors - our 5 favourite style inspirations are:

  1. Statement floor: be adventurous and add patterned kitchen floor tile ideas to border a kitchen island or an open-plan design.

  2. Retro twist: brick-shaped or metro-style tiles on a kitchen wall are a popular choice to create a contemporary feel. Choose them in matt flat or gloss but be sure to go for the right grout.

  3. Textured stone: for a farmhouse-style with longevity, stone tiles are a good choice. They add depth and interest to your kitchen walls or floors.

  4. Hexagon: for bigger rooms or feature tiling, a great option is hexagonal tiles. Opt for white with a splash of colour at every fourth tile for a quirky look.

  5. Herringbone: similar to a zig-zag pattern,  a herringbone creates 'V'' shapes and works well with two colours or marble designs.

Let our selection of kitchen and bathroom tile ideas be your guide to finding the right style for your home. Happy decorating!

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