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Make yourself at home - moving in cleaning tips

Everything you need to know about how to clean a house after moving in.


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Moving house is a stressful job. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make things run smoothly. To help you manage moving into a new house perfectly, we’ve put together a moving checklist with the things you’ll need to remember. One part often forgotten when it comes to moving tips is new house cleaning, but we’ve got you covered for that too. Here’s the ultimate moving into a new house checklist and everything you need to know for getting it sparkling clean!

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Get some good quality cleaning products like Handy Andy to blitz your new home of unwanted visitors!

The ultimate moving house checklist

One of the best moving house tips is to plan early and be super organised. For most people, this involves having a good old-fashioned list, adding to it regularly and checking off items as they’re completed. Your list will vary by your particular circumstances, but here’s a thorough starting point. Print it out, add your own items, and keep it with you at all times until you’re all settled into your new home!

  • Get all the packing material you’ll need well in advance: boxes, tape, pens, scissors and material to insulate your valuables.

  • Pack up items you don’t use often as soon as you can.

  • Label boxes carefully.

  • Thoroughly protect any valuables.

  • If you’re getting a moving company, book them ASAP as they may be unavailable at short notice.

  • Recruit lots of friends and family to help out!

Moving in: cleaning tips for a new home

Once you’ve moved all your stuff into your new home, you’ll immediately want to know how to clean a house to make it feel like your own. Some people opt for cleaning a house before moving in by using professionals but if you’re doing it yourself then here’s how to tackle the key tasks:

  1. Remove any furnishings, old furniture and fittings that you don’t want.

  2. Shake out any furnishings you're keeping - like curtains or blinds - and give everything a good dust. Even the light fixtures.

  3. Vacuum any carpets thoroughly and use warm soapy water to mop floorboards, tiles and lino.

  4. Give key areas a wipe with an effective multipurpose cleaner like Handy Andy.

  5. Wash walls and skirting boards to remove traces of dirt and grime. If you intend to redecorate, this is an important step before painting or papering walls so don't overlook it. It will also help you identify any small holes or areas of damage that need repairing.

  6. Clean windows, inside and out, to get a sparkling finish.

  7. Apply a strong limescale remover to metal finishes and polish thoroughly.

  8. Give your bathroom and kitchen a deep clean - focus on the toilet, bath or shower, sinks, oven, and fridge.

  9. Give each door a wipe down, especially the front door. It's the first thing people will see after all. 

  10. Turn your attention to outdoors and tidy up any yard space that belongs to you.

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Once you’ve got everything moved over and have given your new home a thorough clean, you’ll be able to enjoy getting things exactly how you want it in your new sanctuary.

  • Plan well in advance of any move.

  • Start packing up as soon as you can.

  • Give your new house a thorough clean before unpacking your belongings.

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