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Two in one: small office ideas for your spare bedroom

Learn how to decorate and effectively utilise space and create the ultimate 2-in-1 room: a home office in a guest bedroom.


Two in one: small office ideas for your spare bedroom

If you’ve got a small bedroom, but also fancy a bit of home office space, you’re probably looking for both small bedroom ideas and small office ideas. It’s definitely possible to combine the two as you’re unlikely to need them for the same purpose at the same time. During the weekdays the room can function as a small office and evenings and weekends for hosting guests. In this article, we cover some handy guest bedroom ideas that are also small home office ideas so you really utilise this space well.

Avoid clutter in any dual-use room to help it feel calm and relaxed. The cleaner the room, the more spacious it can look, so make sure to freshen yours up with the help of a multipurpose cleaner like Handy Andy.

Do you have a spare bedroom office? Ideas for a dual-use room

To help you use one room for two functions here are some handy tips:

  1. Make the bed collapsible or able to fold away. When you’re using a space as an office, guest room ideas can come second, but that’s OK. With a collapsible bed, it won’t look like a bedroom but can easily turn into one at short notice!

  2. Maximise on storage. One of the best guest bedroom office ideas is to make sure you have lots of containers, shelves, boxes and cupboards. That way, when you want it to be a guest bedroom you can hide away the stationery and in-trays, and when you want it to be an office no one will know about the toiletries and spare linen under the bed.

  3. Keep the space clean. When space is used for two different things it’s easy to get twice as dirty in half the time. Avoid this by giving the room a once-over every time you switch usage, so before a guest arrives and before you want to use it as an office again.

Decorating ideas for guest bedroom office

So now that you’ve got the basics down of how to create a home office in a bedroom, what are some good spare bedroom/office ideas when it comes to decor?

  • Less is more: you’ll need to have more stuff in there than usual due to the dual use. Avoid unnecessary clutter!

  • Purify the air with plants: rooms can get stuffy if there’s someone in there round the clock, so invest in a bit of greenery.

  • Keep colours neutral: if you don’t want overbearing bedroom decor in an office or a sleeping nook go for neutral shades.

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Those are our top tips when it comes to using your spare room as a home office and a guest space. With a few small tweaks here and there, you’ll be able to transform your room depending on the purpose and enjoy the efficiency of having both an office and an informal hotel in your own home. 

  • Opt for furniture that works in both ways. For example, a bedside table where you can also store office papers.

  • Go for neutral decor so that it doesn’t feel too much like a bedroom or an office.

  • Plant plants plants: ensure fresh, oxygenated air.

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