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Start your day right: how to make your bed like a pro

Learn the art of bed making with our ultimate guide to fitting your sheets and arranging your pillows.


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white and blue bedding a bed in a grey bedroom

Key steps:

Wondering how to make your bed look nice? Follow these tricks:

  1. Add a folded blanket to the end of your bed.

  2. Tuck the edges of the duvet into the mattress.

  3. Use decorative pillows for the finishing touch.

Create a room that’s fit for a home magazine by learning the art of bed making and organise your sheets and pillows like a pro. Not only does a well-made bed look great, it can also give you a better night’s sleep. Sounds good? Check out these tips for how to make your bed.

When learning how to make a bed, start by making sure your sheets, pillows, and duvet are clean and in good condition with our tips.

How to make a bed: the base

Every perfectly made bed starts with the base so make sure you have a mattress that suits your frame - and you!

  • If you have an unattractive bed frame, a bed skirt is a great way to hide it and stop it from being an eyesore in your bedroom. 

  • You can also use a mattress topper for extra comfort. 

  • Next, make sure everything you buy fits your bed perfectly; from your sheets to your duvet.

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How to make up a bed: the sheets

Once you have your perfect base, it’s time to learn how to make it properly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start by clearing your bed of any clothes or other items you might’ve thrown onto it.

  2. If you’re changing the bed sheet, makes sure you use a fitted style for a tight fit. 

  3. Check that it’s placed the right way around as you put it on and tuck it under the mattress properly.

  4. Put your duvet into its bed sheet - make sure it’s ironed for a clean, crisp finish! 

  5. Do up any buttons or poppers to stop the duvet from falling out.

  6. Arrange your duvet on your bed, spreading it out evenly without creases. 

  7. If you have a thinner duvet or a sheet, tuck it beneath the mattress and fold back the top section for a showroom finish.

  8. Pop your pillows in their covers and place them on your bed.

How to make your bed look nice: the decoration

The finishing touches on a bed will establish you as a bed making pro.

  • Add a carefully folded blanket to the end of your bed so the edges hand evenly off either side.

  • Place multiple, plumped up pillows and cushions on top to instantly make your bed look nicer. 

  • If you’re wondering how to make your bed look fluffy, make sure you have new duvets and pillows that are still plump.

A well-made bed can transform any room, so make sure you keep these tips in mind the next time you’re making yours. A nicely done bed and a tidy room are the keys to a good night’s sleep.

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