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Table decoration ideas for a dinner party at home

Set your table the right way with these table decoration ideas for parties.



Hosting a dinner party is a fun experience but there’s a whole lot to think about! From creating a menu that everyone can enjoy to keeping the conversation flowing, you’ll have plenty of responsibilities.

To make things a little easier and be sure your party goes perfectly, we’ve put together some ideas for table decorations for you to take inspiration from. It’s one less thing to think about!

Try to match your plates, cutlery, and glassware to your table centrepiece ideas for a uniform look.

Formal table decoration ideas

For a dinner party that’s all about class and sophistication, you need table centrepiece ideas that live up to the expectations of your guests and reflects the atmosphere. Try these tips:

  • Use tall, thin candles that run down the centre of the table. 

  • Space them apart evenly and place the base of each candle in a small, discreet holder. 

  • Surround the holder with small flowers or other delicate decorations adding more until you’re happy with the look. 

  • For a modern twist, stick to one type and colour of flowers. This works great if your dinner party has a theme too!

Informal dining table décor ideas

Learning how to decorate a table for a more laid-back, casual dinner party can involve simpler designs, such as:

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  • Using glass jars as your inspiration for table centrepiece ideas for dinner parties - simply fill them with fairy lights for a modern lighting option.

  • Colour your glass jars with bright colours for a bold look or keep it rustic and vintage with distressed white-wash paint and wooden embellishments.

  • If you don't like the fairy light idea, fill with flowers or candles instead. Just be aware of fire risks if using naked flames.

Fun table decoration ideas for parties

Wondering how to decorate a party table for an upbeat, lively event? Our favourite dinner party table decor idea is based on a popular childhood sweet: candyfloss!

  • Choose two or three different colours for your candyfloss and create fluffy balls to sit atop of wooden sticks. 

  • Place the sticks in jars at regular intervals on your table. 

  • Sprinkle small packets of other favourite sweets across the table cloth instead of confetti. 

  • Match your napkin colours to the candyfloss to really tie it all together.

Once you’ve sorted the table setting ideas for your dinner party, planned your menu, and created a playlist of great music, it’s time to sit back and have fun! It’s easy to get caught up in being the perfect host so remember to enjoy yourself too - after all, it is your party!

  • Begin by cleaning the table of any dirt, dust, or food.

  • Lay placemats and coasters at each chair, along with the cutlery your guests will need.

  • Stand your glasses and plates on the placemats.

  • Place your centrepiece in the middle of the table and then add in any other decorations.

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