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Tiling tips: how to tile a wall and floors

Take your tiling to the next level with these tips on how to lay tile in the home.


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Key steps

Follow these tiling tips to achieve a flawless look:

  1. Always measure your walls and floor to know how many tiles you’ll need.

  2. Prepare the surface by filling and sanding to make sure they’re smooth. Find the centre point on your floor so you know where to start tiling from.

  3. Use spacers to make sure your grout is even.

Tiling a room can completely transform it, giving a new lease of life to a space that has lost its spark. Bringing in the professionals can be a little pricey and not too kind on your bank balance, which is why it’s such a good idea to learn how to do it yourself. Our step-by-step guide for how to tile has got everything you need to know.

Once you know how to lay tiles, it is important to learn how to keep them clean for longer. Use a multipurpose product such as Handy Andy which is powerful at cleaning but gentle on your tiles.

Preparation tips for how to tile a floor or wall

When it comes to how to install a tile properly, it’s all in the preparation! You ideally want to start with a good surface. This means making sure your walls and floor are smooth, which you can do yourself by levelling with cement and filling any gaps or cracks with filler. It’s also a good idea to go over the wall with sandpaper to smooth out any lumps or bumps.

How to put tiles on the floor

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Learning how to lay floor tiles is fairly straightforward and is very similar to the process of tiling a wall (see below). Just remember these rules when learning how to install tiles on the floor:

  • Measure your room to find the centre point. This is where you’ll put down your first tile.

  • Begin to lay out the tiles without any adhesive but with spacers. You can then adjust where the tiles will sit and which you need to trim.

  • Apply the adhesive in the same way as the wall tiles and begin laying your floor tiles.

  • Apply the grout and clean the tiles.

How to tile a wall

The process of how to put tiles on a wall is very similar to that of tiling a wall. Follow these easy steps:

  • Measure your wall to work out how many tiles you’ll need. You can use these measurements to work out if any tiles will need to be trimmed, too.

  • Leave space for the edge tiles and start applying your adhesive with a notched trowel. Lay a thin coat for around 2 or 3 tiles at a time.

  • Use the trowel to make notches in the adhesive.

  • Hang your tiles, wiggling them a little as you apply them to really help them stick.

  • Add spacers between the tiles as you lay them to ensure your grout is even.

  • Use a grout float to apply grout into your tiles, removing the spacers before you do.

  • Wipe over the tiles to remove any excess grout about 30 minutes after you’ve applied it.

DIY tile installation is simple once you know how, and by doing it yourself you’ll save a lot of money. Just remember these tiling tips and you’ll be a professional in no time! And once your tiles have been installed, read our articles on how to clean tiles and how to clean grout to keep them looking like new.

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