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Top 10 hacks for students

There may not be any hacks to help you avoid that assignment, but when it comes to swerving cleaning and tidying, we’ve got your back.


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Quick pointers

  1. Half a lemon or grapefruit will freshen up bathroom surfaces and remove soap scum. Sprinkle the cut side with coarse salt; rub over grimy areas and rinse.

  2. Invest in comfortable bedding so you can get plenty of rest.

  3. Wipe dusty surfaces with old socks that have worn into holes before you bin them.

Make the most of student life with these tips:

  1. Heavy sleepers need never miss a lecture again when you place your phone in a glass to amplify the volume of your alarm clock.

  2. Revive and unclog a tired shower head by half filling a plastic freezer bag with vinegar and placing the shower head in it. Secure it with a rubber band and leave it overnight, making sure limescale is immersed.

  3. Phones are always going flat when you need them most. Boost power with a quick recharge using the USB in a game console or at the back of a TV.

  4. Freshen up a microwave in a communal kitchen by microwaving a bowl of water with ½ cup of vinegar mixed in to loosen the grime, then wipe clean with paper towels when it has cooled down.

  5. If you’re missing your comfy mattress at home, get a topper. Make it a double even if you have a single bed – then you can always use it on a larger mattress. Folding it in half will give you extra padding, too.

  6. Create frugal speakers with a toilet roll. Make a cut in the roll to insert your device and stick some notice board pins in the bottom so it will stand up. Alternatively, cut holes the size of the toilet roll in a pair of tin cans, and attach one to each end of the cardboard cylinder.

  7. Line oven trays and the bottom of your oven with tin foil to catch splatters and spills and prevent baked-on grime.

  8. Keep rooms smelling fresh by adding a drop of liquid detergent to hot mop water.

  9. Make messy wires tidy by storing them in cardboard toilet rolls. For long wires beneath your desk, coil the wires and secure with rubber bands. Or fasten binder or bulldog clips to the edge of your desk and thread the cables through so the clips can sit on the top neatly for you.

  10. Get more usable space from that shared fridge by attaching a binder clip to the racks to create a mechanism that will hold stacked bottles or cans in place.  

Binder clips are really useful for tidying wires, fridges and even study materials.

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