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Top 5 home storage ideas: how to make most of your space

Want to maximise your storage space or just looking for some new small bedroom storage ideas? Check out our top 5 home storage solutions for every room.


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If you live in a city, you know too well that housing can get really expensive. That makes every bit of space a valuable commodity not to be treated carelessly. To maximise your storage space and to provide real solutions for your organisational needs, try these top storage ideas – we’ve give five for each of the five main areas of your home!

  1. Home storage solutions for the kitchen

  2. Bedroom storage ideas

  3. Home storage ideas for your living room

  4. Bathroom storage ideas

  5. Storage ideas for miscellaneous areas

  • Use shelf-expanders to make better use of the shelves you already have

  • Repurpose old plastic sweet boxes to store spices in a smaller area

  • Attach a metal strip to the underside of cabinets and a strong magnet to the lid of jars and cans so you can hang them out of the way

  • Hang pots, pans and utensils above work surfaces to free up space inside cupboards

  • Use plastic magazine racks to divide cupboards. They’re particularly good for storing vegetables, fruits, or even cleaning supplies!

  • Store items under your bed in pretty boxes so they don’t look messy

  • Put larger items on a wooden board with wheels attached and roll it under your bed

  • Need small bedroom storage ideas for children’s bedrooms? Only keep clothes they are likely to wear in the wardrobe. Put the rest in vacuum sealed bags out of sight

  • Need more space under your bed? Why not get a bed that’s mounted on top of a large drawer unit for an elevated sleeping position, and more room for your things

  • Attach a metal rail to the underside of wall shelves to give you extra space to hang items like school uniforms or jackets

  • Add corner shelves to make use of this commonly unused space

  • Got an awkwardly shaped living room? Turn it into a dedicated area for reading, hanging coats, or storing shoes by adding shelves or cabinets that fit the space

  • Invest in coffee tables that stack on top of each other so you can pack them away when not in use and clear some extra floor space

  • Use colourful storage boxes or baskets to hold things you don’t use often neatly

  • Look for multi-use furniture, such as storage cubes and boxes fitted with a cushion top so they can double as a casual seat or footstool

  • Turn your bathroom mirror into a hidden cabinet for medicines

  • Hang plastic shoe organisers on your shower rail to keep all your toiletries at hand

  • Place cotton pads and buds in old jars that you’ve cleaned out thoroughly

  • Invest in a sink with built in cupboard, or look for storage units that can wrap around this awkwardly shaped bathroom feature. If you can’t find anything, invest in a “sink skirt” – a piece of fabric attached to your sink basin that hangs to the floor and hides anything stood behind it

  • Attach towel racks to the back of your door for a bathroom storage idea that keeps towels dry and fresh without cluttering up wall space

  • Store cutlery, crockery and tableware in a freestanding unit in your dining area

  • Need more space in your wardrobe? Use S-hooks so you can layer hangers

  • Use a hanging shoe organiser to keep toys off the floor in playrooms

  • Use a pegboard to display school supplies or photographs in hallways

  • If you run out of space indoors, make use of any outdoor areas you can use such as sheds or lean-tos

Hopefully, with these home storage ideas you’ll be able to organise your home in no time.

You can store your jewellery creatively using items already at hand. For example, attach a chalkboard to your wall and hang necklaces on it with clear pins to stop them getting tangled.

  • Investigate the house for any unused spaces

  • Invest in shelf-dividers and S hooks to make more use of existing storage features

  • Follow small bedroom storage ideas like packing out of season clothes into vacuum sealed bags to help keep your kids rooms under control

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