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5 Dishwashing Tips for A Sparkling Kitchen

Is having a clean kitchen a top priority for you, but keeping a spotlessly clean kitchen especially after cooking for and entertaining family and friends is difficult? Everyone loves walking into a sparkling clean kitchen in the morning. There is nothing worse than cleaning grubby dishes left over from a friends’ or family gathering the next day.


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5 Sunlight Dishwashing Tips for a Sparkling Kitchen

We want you to be able to walk into a sparkling kitchen, with clean dishes every day. So, we’ve put together this article with five dishwashing tips to use every day, using Sunlight of course. They’re easy to follow and will help you achieve a sparkling kitchen in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

5 Dishwashing Hacks to Get a Sparkling, Clean Kitchen

A clean kitchen doesn’t only mean washing dishes. It also means having a clutter-free zone where everything is in its place and you don’t feel overwhelmed by stuff around you - collecting dust and dirt all day long. Follow these tips for a cleaner kitchen today:

#1 – Cancel the Clutter

Start by keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Nobody likes preparing a great dinner when you have to avoid things like car keys, handbags and even kid's school projects. A good solution is to have a small basket for each family member that their items can be stored. This container can easily be used to carry those items back to where they belong

#2 – Keep Your Surfaces Clean

Once you have removed all that clutter, you can start cleaning your kitchen surfaces. Using a clean damp cloth and some Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, give the counters a wipe. Not only will this disinfect your work area in preparation for cooking but will give you a clean, hygienic slate from which to create your favourite family meals.

#3 – Keep A Cloth Close By

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We recommend keeping a clean damp cloth close by while you are cooking. You can use this cloth to clean up any spills, splashes or messes while you’re preparing and cooking so that they don’t become dried on and even harder to clean later

#4 – Pack The Dishwasher As You Go

This is one of our favourite dishwasher hacks to keep your kitchen clean as you cook. Put the dishes in the dishwasher as you go – you might be doing a few extra steps but it will make the kitchen clean up afterwards much less. Make sure your dishwasher is empty before you start cooking and simply place all your smaller dishes straight in after use.

#5 – Fill The Sink To Soak Larger Items

Another great Sunlight dishwashing liquid kitchen hackies to fill the sink with warm water and add a drop of Dishwashing Liquid before you start cooking. This easily allows you to soak larger items like dirty pots and pans before the food dries and becomes even harder to remove. You can also use this warm water to soak any utensils or dishes that may be extra greasy or oily.

What is the best Sunlight product to use for cleaning dishes?

A sparkling kitchen is a perfect place to cook up your next tasty meal. And don’t forget, Sunlight’s range of hand dishwashing liquids, automatic dishwashing powders and tablets are all specifically formulated to cut through grease and grime, so your dishes will come out looking brand new every time.

Choose between these great Sunlight Dishwashing products for hand washing and dishwasher use now:

Sunlight Original Dishwashing Liquid

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is perfect for hand washing your dishes. It assists in removing grease and grime from your crockery, utensils, pots and pans. Simply fill your sink with warm water and add a squirt of the powerful dishwashing liquid with real lemon juice. Then wash as usual. For heavily soiled items, allow to soak for a few minutes to assist in removing all the oily residue. Why not try Sunlight Extra Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid and Sunlight Extra Nature Dishwashing Liquid too?

Sunlight Dishwashing Powder

Sunlight automatic Dishwashing Powder works like a charm in all makes and models of dishwashers. Just untwist the cap and fill the dispenser with the recommended amount of the powerful degreasing powder and then allow your dishwasher to do the rest.

Sunlight 5 in 1 Machine Dishwashing Tablets

All Sunlight dishwasher tablets are phosphate-free, and you do not have to worry about stocking up on dishwasher salt and rinse aid anymore as these functions are included in our amazing tablets. For an extra powerful clean try Sunlight Extra Power Dishwashing Tablets now.

For more household cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.


How should I arrange my dishes in the dishwasher?

● Always make sure your dishes are free from leftover food etc. ● Arrange in a way that prevents overlappin. ● Do not overload as dishes won’t be clean.g.

How do I make my kitchen sparkle?

Simply wash your dishes using Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, wipe down counters with a clean damp cloth and sweep and mop as often as necessary

What is the best dish cleaner?

We recommend Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid to make your dishes look like new after every wash.

How do you get sticky grease off kitchen cabinets?

Squeeze a small amount of Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid onto a damp cloth and wipe the area until clean

What are the 5 steps to proper dishwashing?

1. Rinse your dishes to remove most of the food. 2. Wash with warm water and Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. 3. Rinse in clean water. 4. Place on the rack to drip. 5. Allow to air dry

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