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Kitchen organisation: cupboard storage ideas for a small kitchen

Frustrated with the storage in your kitchen? Worry no more with our small kitchen storage ideas.


white kitchen cupboards and shelves

We’d all love a big kitchen with a lot of space to store food and cook. However, the reality is that a lot of kitchens are actually rather small and require creative kitchen storage ideas. That’s where we come in! Here’s how to organise kitchen cabinets efficiently, including our top cupboard storage ideas to help you love your small and cosy kitchen.

Take the time to assess how you’re using your current kitchen before re-organising. You can then improve kitchen organisation with the creative use of walls, doors and unused cabinet space.

Small kitchen storage ideas

When you’ve only got a small space, good kitchen organisation is vital. Start off by de-cluttering thoroughly. This is also an ideal time to give surfaces, drawers and cabinets a proper clean too with a powerful surface cleaner, like Handy Andy, that will shift even the most stubborn marks.

Once that’s done, you can move onto finding creative storage solutions. From utilising wall space to figuring out how to organise your kitchen cupboards more effectively, here’s how to get smart about storage.

Simple shelving

One of the best DIY kitchen storage ideas is to take advantage of wall space. Shelves are relatively inexpensive but are great for storing pans, crockery, jars, and other storage containers. And they can look pretty stylish too!

Smart kitchen cabinet ideas

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It’s not always about where you store food, utensils and accessories, but how you store them. Make use of deep pan drawers by stacking items together, sort items into plastic containers and neatly organise them in a cabinet or use cabinet shelf dividers to tidy up spaces to use your room more efficiently. Another of our best kitchen cupboard ideas is to use wire racks and hanging baskets to utilise the empty space in between shelves.

Drawer dividers

Kitchen drawers can often get filled with odds and ends. Go through each one and de-clutter, getting rid of what you don’t need and then think of drawer storage solutions. A really easy and clever way of organising them is to use drawer dividers. They’ll help with your overall kitchen organisation so you can find what you need more easily.

Store on the door

Effective storage isn’t just about shelf, drawer, and kitchen cupboard ideas, it can be also be something as simple as using the space on the back of doors! Adhesive hooks work really well if you don’t want to make this a permanent change and one way of building on your other pantry cupboard ideas is by hanging racks on the inside of doors.

Our kitchen storage ideas will help you turn your small, cluttered space into a cosy, organised room! Not only will you love your newly improved snug kitchen, but you’ll also love being able to find everything that you need more easily.

  • Assess the space you have and make a plan.

  • De-clutter where possible so that you have less to store.

  • Utilise ‘free’ space on doors, inside cabinets, and within drawers.

  • Make the most of your wall space with shelving.

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