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DIY coffee: how to make filter coffee at home (and clean your coffee maker!)

Master a few fundamentals and make it easy for you to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


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how to make filter coffee at home and clean a coffee maker

Call it American coffee. Call it filter coffee. By any name, brewed and filtered coffee is common in many homes - filling them with a delicious aroma and rich taste. With a little care, and a coffee maker kept in a good state, anyone can brew perfectly good filter coffee! Here we explain how to easily make filter coffee at home and, importantly, everything you need to know to clean a coffee maker!

To ensure a clean coffee machine, give yours a wipe down with a multipurpose cleaner like Handy Andy at least every month to prevent the build-up of germs.

How to make filter coffee

There are lots of different coffee brewing methods but using a traditional coffee filter is the most common (and most authentically American for those who love a good Americano). Here’s how to make coffee using a filter machine:

  1. Fill the machine with as much water as you want to brew, preferably pre-filtered water for a smoother taste.

  2. Insert your filter into the filter pot. You’ll either need to use a paper filter or a reusable metal one depending on your machine.

  3. Pour ground coffee into the filter using a ratio of around 1 heaped tablespoon to every five ounces of water.

  4. Switch on and wait for your coffee to brew!

There are lots of other ways to brew coffee, so if you don’t have a coffee machine like this you could try a cafetiere or hob-based espresso maker instead. The best way to brew coffee at home is completely up to you, so try a few different methods and see which you like the most.

How to clean a coffee machine

If you get into making your own DIY coffee at home, it’s important to regularly clean whatever equipment you use to do so. Otherwise, bacteria can build up potentially affecting the taste of your coffee.

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As with any appliance, you should always follow the cleaning instructions that come with your machine. These will likely advise you to wash removable parts with warm soapy water after each use. You could also check whether the parts are suitable for the dishwasher, as this could save you a lot of time! Make sure you always use good quality dishwashing products that will keep your coffee maker clean and safe, like Sunlight.

Safety Warning

Keep little ones away from the boiling plate of a coffee machine when on, as it gets extremely hot and can easily cause burns.

Do you need to descale a coffee maker?

Generally, yes. It’s worth adding a quick descale into your washing regime at least every month (assuming you’re using it most days). This prevents limescale from building up in the machine, which over time can prevent it from working properly. To do so:

  1. Fill the reservoir with equal parts of white vinegar and water and then let it brew for a few minutes.

  2. Turn off the machine.

  3. Let it sit for 30 minutes, brew again for another few minutes, then pour the vinegar/water mixture down the sink and rinse thoroughly.

Now you know both how to make tasty home-brewed coffee, and how to clean coffee maker afterwards, there’s no stopping you! 

  • Make sure your coffee machine is clean before you start.

  • Add water to the jug and place the filter in the correct section.

  • Spoon the required amount of ground coffee onto the filter.

  • Turn on your machine and wait!

  • Once finished with, empty your coffee maker and rinse out.

  • Wash with dishwashing products - rinse thoroughly and dry before using again.

  • Descale your coffee maker once a month using white vinegar.

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