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How Dishwashing Liquid Can Help Degrease Your Dishes

Is the grease and grime on your dishes getting you down? Using a dishwashing liquid to wash your dishes is one of the easiest ways to remove grease stains from your dishes. At Cleanipedia, we’ve found that using Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid achieved this goal easily and without having to use big quantities to get the desired result of grease-free dishes.


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How dishwashing liquid can help you degrease your dishes

In this blog, we take a deep dive into how dishwashing liquid works as a degreaser. We’ll also give you ideas on where else to use dishwashing liquid in your home, to get rid of unwanted oil and grease.

The Effect of Dishwashing Liquid on Oil

We all know that oil and water don’t mix. If placed together in the same cup, they will separate from each other moving as far away from each other as possible. Why is this, we hear you ask? It’s all down to science really! Oil is hydrophobic which means it repels water. Oil is also less dense than water, meaning it will usually float to the top of the water because it is less dense.

With all this science in mind – what does that mean for you when washing oily dishes? And how then do you get the oil off your dishes when washing them in water? The best way is to use a degreasing dish soap like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. When the oil from your dishes separates from the water in the sink, it forms tiny globules in the water however some of the grease and grime remain on the dishes. The surfactants in dishwashing liquid – including the power of real lemon juice in Sunlight dishwashing liquid that acts as a natural degreaser – work to cut through grease and grime leaving your dishes clean. Choosing a good quality degreasing cleaner is key to ensuring clean dishes free of grease and any residue from the degreasing product.

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Detergents & Oil

If you’ve ever tried to clean dishes with just water you will know it is impossible to get the grease off them. Water on its own cannot remove oil and grease and this is why you need a good dishwashing liquid to help. The dishwashing liquid helps the oil and the water to mix and in this way, the oil stays in the water and not on your dishes. It is then washed away down the drain leaving your dishes to grease-free and sparkling clean. Makes it sound so easy right? Well, using a good degreaser will help achieve this in no time.

If you have oil stains on your clothing, you may find that a laundry detergent is not enough to get rid of the oil stains. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid works as a pre-wash soak to break down the oil stains to get rid of them easier later. Here’s how:

  • Pour a few drops of Sunlight dishwashing liquid on the stained clothing, specifically over the oily stain.

  • Rub it in gently with your finger

  • Leave to soak in for 010 – 15 minutes before washing in your machine as per normal.

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Detergent and Environmental Clean-up

When you’ve spilt engine oil or any other kind of oily substance on the floor of your garage or perhaps on the patio floor, it can be worrying that you’ll never get it off. Worry no more, because you can simply use dishwashing liquid to help. Pour a large amount of dishwashing liquid into the spillage and leave it to soak up as much oil as possible. Then wash the area with warm water and a clean sponge. Rinse off the entire area with clean water for the best results.

When it comes to environmental clean-ups, like oil spills in the ocean and the effect it has on bird life like penguins, environmental agencies begin any oil clean-up job by using an industrial-strength version of dishwashing liquid to keep the oil together to remove it from the water. When washing penguins to remove the oil on their feathers, environmental agencies first wash the birds with dishwashing liquid to break down the oil before using other substances that are gentle on the bird’s feathers and skin.

If you want to keep your dishes sparkling clean and use them for other laundry and lifestyle reasons, look no further than a good degreasing detergent like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid.

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How a dishwashing liquid can clean grease on plates?

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How does dishwashing soap clean your dishes?

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Can the dishwasher remove oil?

Yes, it can. The oil cannot be effectively removed without dishwashing liquid to help.

Does dishwashing liquid dissolve cooking oil?

Yes, it does. Read all the information in the blog above.

How does detergent get rid of oil?

A good detergent gets rid of oil with ease. Read all the details in the blog above.

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