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How to Organise The Pantry

While the kitchen may be the heart of every home, in this hub where many of us spend countless hours during the week, there’s an area that a lot of us struggle to keep clean. From rice and cooldrinks to canned goods, spices, snacks and cereals, the pantry is packed with so many essential items that are used throughout the day.


How to organise the pantry

With all the food and cooking tools kept in a pantry, keeping it clean and tidy can be tough, especially when you have a busy schedule and lots of people making use of this kitchen nook. Fortunately, you can forget about dealing with a disorganised pantry where you struggle to find what you need, with these six simple and effective pantry organisation ideas.

Tips to Organise Your Pantry Like a Pro

#1 – Start Afresh

It may seem like quite a task but the first step to achieving organised pantry bliss is by starting with a clean slate. To get started getting your pantry organised, begin by completely emptying your pantry. Make sure that as you empty your pantry you start to sort the pantry items into categories to make them easier to manage for the next steps. Once your pantry is empty, give the shelves and drawers a thorough clean.

#2 – Sort it Out

With all your pantry items out on the counters, you should be able to see everything so that you can sort them with ease and determine the kind of storage solutions you need. Sort the items into groups of similar items, like baking goods in one section and cereals in another, to make the decluttering and organising process quicker and easier. This step will also help you sift out any expired products and identify things you may need to stock up on.

#3 – Use Clear Containers

The packaging your grocery items come in can be awkwardly shaped and make your pantry look busy and cluttered, so we recommend using clear storage containers to keep your pantry organised. Not only do they look neat and tidy, but they also make it easy to see what's inside. Use containers of different sizes to store a wide variety of items like pasta, cereals and snacks.

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#4 – Label It

Labelling all your storage containers and any pantry shelves or baskets is key to keeping your pantry organised and will help to ensure you can always find what you need with ease. We recommend using chalkboard labels so that you can easily update the label as you need to, but you can also use a label maker or simply write on the containers with a marker.

#5 – Try Storage Bins or Baskets

Storage baskets or bins are a great way to store loose items that don't fit neatly into storage containers. You can use them to store items like bags of chips, onions, and potatoes. This will help prevent clutter and make it easier to find what you need.

#6 – Create More Space

When it comes to keeping your pantry organised, don’t limit yourself to just the shelves and drawers you can see. Create more space in your pantry with items like DIY racks and hanging shelves. A small pantry organisation idea is to create a DIY rack or storage system that sits on the inside of the pantry door to give you more storage space.

With our six simple tips, a little bit of elbow grease and a solid pantry strategy, you can enjoy a clutter-free pantry in no time. For more tips and tricks to keep your home spaces clean and tidy, visit Cleanipedia today.


Which items should be stored in the pantry to maximize space and organization?

Any dry foods, canned goods, unripe fruit and veg and anything that does not need to be refrigerated can be stored in your pantry to maximise space and organisation.

How can I create more space in a cluttered pantry?

You can create more space in a cluttered pantry by categorising your groceries and storing similar items together, making it easier to see what products you have in your pantry and helping it appear less cluttered.

How can I best utilise vertical space in the pantry to maximise storage?

To maximise vertical space in the pantry use hanging racks and hooks, the pantry door or stacking containers to utilise your vertical storage space.

How can I categorise food items in the pantry for easier access?

You can categorise your food items by grouping similar products and foods together. You can try categories like grains/pastas, baking ingredients, cereals, snacks and sweets.

What steps should be taken to keep the pantry organized in the future?

Labelling your storage containers is a long-term pantry organisation solution as it ensures that everyone in the home knows what grocery item belongs where in the pantry so that it stays tidy and organised in.

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