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Clever Ways to Clean a Microwave with Lemon

Looking for the easiest way to clean a microwave? All you need is something round, yellow and deliciously sour.


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Tips for Cleaning a Microwave with Lemons

Most of the lemon trees in South Africa begin to fruit in late autumn, early winter. Many of us look at the budding lemon trees and conjure up a variety of flavourful dishes and goodies that we are going to make with those juicy, yellow lemons. But, did you know that you can also use lemons as one of the best ways to clean a microwave? You didn’t? Well, here’s how:

What Makes Lemon Such a Good Cleaner?

Lemons are acidic and contain high levels of citric acid. This enables them to cut through grease and grime and neutralise bad smells. Not only is the lemon a wonderfully versatile fruit to eat and bake with, but it’s an excellent cleaning and neutralising agent too. Mother Nature truly is fantastic, don’t you think?

How to Clean Grease Off Your Microwave with Lemon

Microwaves can be one of the greasiest places in the kitchen. Microwaves are usually very well-used in most South African homes, but this can also mean that they get exposed to a lot of splatter, grease, oil and stains.

Follow these easy steps as to the best way to clean the inside of a microwave:

  • Mix the juice of one lemon with a cup of water. Stir to mix well.

  • Once you’ve squeezed all the juice out, cut the lemon into quarters or eights and place into the lemon water.

  • Place the lemon water in a microwaveable bowl and place in the microwave.

  • Microwave on the highest heat for between 3 – 4 minutes.

  • Leave the bowl in the microwave with the door closed for a minute or two to allow the steam to engulf the inside.

The best way to clean a dirty microwave that has caked-on or baked-on stains, use the lemon water mixture as above. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar and mix the solutions very well. Microwave as explained above. If you need to scrub a few stains first, dip a tea towel in the lemon and vinegar water and give the area a good scrub.

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Get Rid of Bad Smells and Make Your Microwave Look Clean with Lemon

Lemon works as both a cleaning agent and a smell-expunger. When you microwave the lemon water mixture and allow it to steam for a minute or two, you’re enabling the lemon filled steam to evaporate into the inside of the microwave, neutralising smells. It works brilliantly every time.

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1. Is distilled vinegar the same as white vinegar?

Yes, it is. It is the same product just with different names.

2. What is the easiest way to clean a microwave?

Wondering how to easily clean a microwave? Use our simple steps above to get rid of smells and odours in your microwave as well as stubborn stains. All you need is one, large, juicy lemon.

3. What happens when you put a lemon in the microwave?

When you put lemon in water in the microwave, it creates a wonderful steam the neutralises any odours lurking in the microwave. When you add a bit of vinegar to the lemon water mixture, and wipe the microwave down with this solution, you’re able to clean any stains too.

4. Can you clean a microwave with dish soap?

Simply add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to a sink full of warm water, put a cloth in the mixture, ring it out and clean out the microwave oven with it slightly damp.

5. How do I clean a microwave with baking soda?

For severely caked on food stains, make a paste with a mixture of bicarb and water. Rub the paste on with a soft sponge and leave to settle for a minute or two. Gently rub the bicarb paste off and clean the entire microwave with the lemon and vinegar water before wiping down to rinse once more.

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