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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Germ-Free

Looking for some tips to help keep your kitchen clean and germ-free? Look no further. Here we have a few tips to help you along.


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Sink with running water

Start With your Chopping Boards:

What you will need: A sponge, dishwashing liquid such as Sunlight Anti-bacterial, and a clean cloth.

Method: Over your sink, squeeze your dishwashing liquid over the surface of your chopping board. Next, use your sponge to scrub thoroughly with hot, running water. Pay attention to both sides of the board and the handle if applicable. With clean water, thoroughly rinse off the soap and dry with a clean dishcloth to avoid spreading germs.

Pro tip: Rub ½ a lemon with the cut side onto the board to help eliminate odours

On to Cleaning the Surfaces:

What you will need: A clean cloth and some disinfectant spray.

Method: Spray all areas of your counters with your chosen disinfectant spray then use a clean cloth to wipe away residual detergent from the surfaces. You can create a disinfectant spray at home by diluting bleach with water to make an effective hygienic cleaner – when using Domestos Bleach to disinfect surfaces, prepare 1-part Domestos Bleach to 9-parts water. Clean countertops daily and cupboard doors weekly. Simple kitchen cleaning is as much about removing dirt and debris as it is about ensuring that surfaces are germ-free. For a deep clean far past what the eye can see, choose a disinfectant spray.

Tip: For those hard-to-reach places in your kitchen such as on top of cupboards, you can lay down wax paper. The wax paper acts as a magnet for dust and grime, and it can be replaced every few months.

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Now for cleaning the Bin:

What you will need: A clean cloth, disinfectant spray, and baking soda.

Method: Using your disinfectant spray, thoroughly spray inside and outside your bin, and wipe with a clean cloth every couple of weeks.

Tip: Sprinkle the inside of your bin with baking soda to help eliminate bad odours.

Key Points for Kitchen Cleaning:

Use half a lemon to deodorise the surface of your cutting boards. For kitchen surfaces, use your favourite multipurpose cleaner such as Handy Andy Multipurpose spray. When it comes to your bin, use baking soda to deodorise.

For a step-by-step video of how to keep your kitchen clean and germ-free and for more great videos just like it, take a look at Cleanipedia South Africa.

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