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Tips On How To Organise The Pantry

There is nothing more frustrating than having an unorganised, messy pantry where you’re unable to actually see what you have in it.


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Tips On How To Organise The Pantry

We’re here to help! Read this easy-to-follow guide on how to organise your kitchen pantry in no time, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Top 5 Tips On How To Organise A Pantry

If you do not know where to start with organising your pantry, follow these five kitchen pantry organisation hacks:

Hack #1 – Take It All Out & Start Again

To know what you’ve got and what you need, you need to take everything out of your pantry first and take an inventory. When we say everything, we mean everything! Every box, every Tupperware, every tin, every can, every packet. Go through what you have, throw away what’s expired and group together food stuff that is the same or similar so that they can be stored together later.

Hack #2 – Create a Pantry Map

Look at your pantry and create a zone map for it. Creating zones will allow you to access items easier. We recommend zones like cereals, pastas, grains, tins, baking stuff, sweets, crisps etc. You can even draw a map to stick on the inside of the pantry door, so that if any one of the family needs to put something in the pantry, they can easily look up the zone in which it belongs.

Tip: Put healthy, kid-friendly items and foods on the lower levels so that little ones can access healthy snack options. Place sweets and sugary treats higher up so that they cannot easily be seen or accessed.

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Hack #3 – Containers Are Key

Once you have your zones, group your items in storage containers. For example, group all your pastas together, all your grains together, all your biscuits together etc. Invest in a few differently sized storage containers in either plastic or glass to store items together. The containers should be clear so that you can see what you have, and then also easily see when it’s running low. Containers should also be able to seal or close to keep their contents fresh. Storage bins can also keep items from falling over and getting messy like packets, pastes, and other open items.

Hack #4 – Use All The Space You Can

Don’t feel that you only have the shelves of your pantry to work with. Use simple DIY hanging racks to place things on the inside of doors, or in corner areas to maximise your space. Use stacking storage containers to place items on top of each other, using the height of your cupboards to your advantage.

Hack #5 – Clean Your Pantry Often

Once you’ve organised your pantry well, you can fall back easily into thinking it’s not something you need to do any time soon. Even though you’ve got a well-organised pantry, mess can still happen. We suggest giving your pantry cupboards and shelves a wipe-down with Domestos Multipurpose Wipes at least once a week. Use a wipe to clean under, around and next to your storage containers to get a sparkling, hygienic clean. Once a month, you should try and do a deep clean of your pantry and re-organise it from scratch should you need to.

What Else Is Important In Pantry Organisation?

Another great pantry organisation idea is to label all your storage containers. The lovely ladies at The Home Edit are obsessed with labelling all the areas in your pantry because they feel it brings clarity and clutter-free style to the space. You don’t have to spend money on a label maker, and no need to buy fancy labels. Simply create your own DIY labels with any stationery you have at home and make it work for you.

Spices can be one of those items that can cause a lot of mess in your pantry cupboard – especially if you don’t have a built-in rack for them. We’ve got some ideas on how else to store spices so that your kitchen stays clean and organised. Read our blog on DIY Spice Rack Ideas To Store Spices now.

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What is the best way to organise a pantry?

Keeping it clean and simple is the key to an organised pantry. Take an inventory of what you have, group like food items together, create your zones and place all items in easy to see storage containers.

How do I arrange my walk-in pantry?

Zoning your pantry is a great way to organise it. Create zones that work for you like pastas, grains, snacks, sweets, tins, long-life items etc.

How do I organize my small pantry with a lot of food?

Grouping items together into storage containers will help to open the space and not allow a ton of boxes or packaging to take up extra space.

How do I store items in my pantry?

We love storage containers for the pantry because they are space saving. Buy what you can afford, be it plastic or glass containers - just make sure they are see through and can be sealed.

How do I maximise pantry space?

Make use of all the space you have including the door space and corner space, and make sure you stack items on the shelf to best utilise the height of your storage area.

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