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Why Is Washing Dishes Important?

Washing dishes is something that seems to just get done in most households, generation after generation. But do you know why it is a necessary practice? Most people don't think about the benefits of washing dishes, but it's an important part of leading a healthy life.


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Why Is Washing Dishes Important

Not only can washing dishes prevent you and your family from getting seriously ill, but it can be used as an important activity for a healthy life.

It's time to learn about why it’s important to clean your dishes! By reading this article, you'll learn about the many benefits of dishwashing – like reducing your risk of getting sick and keeping your kitchen clean.

Main Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Dishes

The usual routine is to prepare your food, cook, eat, and clean up - part of which is washing the dishes, right? Most of us follow this routine every day, several times a day sometimes too. Why do we not leave our dishes to fester in the sink for days on end? Here’s why:

  • When you wash your dishes you remove food, dirt, oil, and grime from the surface of the dish. This prevents bacteria, fungus, and other potentially harmful elements from growing on the dishes.

  • Washing dishes also prevent insects, rodents, and other pests that are attracted by the food and leftover waste from infesting your home.

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Dishes

  • Bacteria and fungi grow and multiply very quickly, creating a potential colony of bacteria over a few days. If you leave your dishes unwashed for days on end, you could end up with a lot of bacteria growth in your kitchen and on your dishes which could be detrimental to your health.

  • Along with bacteria and fungus, comes the smell. The smell will resonate through your home eventually, creating a very unpleasant odour.

How Can Washing Dishes Benefit Your Health

We’ve read about the physical reasons why keeping your dishes and kitchen clean is important to prevent the growth of unwanted yuckiness, but let’s take a deeper look at the benefits to your mental health. Many people are wondering why washing dishes is important for our minds, here’s why:

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#1 – Increases Mindfulness

New research is showing that the act of washing dishes can be used as a practice for mindfulness. It can become a calm experience that can reduce stress. To get this right, follow these few tips:

  • Be present in the moment, don’t think about anything other than what you are doing

  • Feel the warm water on your hands as well as the detergent foam

  • Smell the fresh smell of the dishwashing liquid

  • Put on some relaxing music and take meaningful, deep breaths while you wash the dishes one by one

#2 – Improves Your Immunity

By exposing yourself to the bacteria from left-over food, you are in fact allowing yourself to be exposed – in small amounts – to something that could make you sick. This, in turn, kicks your immune system in and it works to create antibodies to fight the germs. Thus, research does show that exposing yourself to germs while washing dishes can improve your immunity.

#3 – Enhances Sense of Well-Being & Health

A clean home, which includes a clean kitchen and dishes, can help you to feel in control and powerful in times when the world is a stressful, busy place. Keeping on top of chores like washing dishes is an important element in improving your sense of well-being and health.

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Are dirty dishes a health hazard?

Yes, indeed. Dirty dishes and leftover food will encourage bacteria and germs to grow and multiply which could make you seriously ill.

Is washing dishes a form of meditation?

Some people say it is, because it’s a time for quiet reflection where all you must do is concentrate on the job at hand.

Is washing dishes an exercise?

Although washing dishes doesn’t raise your heart rate, it can be used as a mindful practice where you can destress and bring calmness to your mind.

What happens if you don't wash the dishes?

If you leave your dishes without washing them, it will encourage bacteria, fungus, and germs to multiply. It can also encourage bugs, rodents and other pests to come into your home in search of food.

What is the importance of dish washing?

The benefits of washing dishes include having a clean home that is bacteria and pest free. Keeping your family safe from serious illness. It can make you more mindful, less stressed, and help you feel more in control.

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