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Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Want to protect and care for your clothes?


Comfort Fabric Conditioner

What Is Comfort Fabric Conditioner?

Comfort is a fabric conditioner that has always been ahead of its time. With its concentrated formula and Encapsulated Fragrance Technology, it does so much more than freshening up your clothes. By employing the use of the latest technology, we have created a product that provides holistic care for your clothes.

By coating your fabric and smoothing its fibres, Comfort fabric conditioner reduces the friction created during washing; this in return leads to less wear, tear, fading, and piling. It also makes ironing significantly easier. Ultimately, this ensures that your clothes maintain their shape, colour, and overall shine. Your clothes will look better than ever, and last longer.

Comfort Fabric Conditioner: So Many To Choose From!

When it comes to fragrance options, Comfort has it all. It comes in 7 varieties: Pure, Morning Fresh, Elegance, Uplifting, Heavenly Nectar, Divine Petals, and Lily. Of the 7 product offerings available, 3 belong to our Comfort Perfume Deluxe range. These are Heavenly Nectar, Divine Petals, and Lily. Beyond the usual Comfort formulation, these three take things a step further.

This Comfort fabric conditioner range is designed and created by perfume experts. Furthermore, they are inspired by the latest fine fragrance trends and like other Comfort fragrance variations, they offer long-lasting freshness.

How To Use Comfort Fabric Conditioner?

Comfort fabric conditioner use is quite simple. Whether you are hand or machine washing, it's just a matter of pouring some into your final rinse. All you need to do for hand-washed laundry is mix ½ cap in with your final rinse and allow your clothes to soak for 5 minutes. For a top load washing machine, add a cap into your last rinse cycle. And with front load machines, pour a cap into the additives slot, and you're good to go!

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Comfort Fabric Conditioner

As the demand for home care products continues to rise, Unilever South Africa continues to be a leading player in this R 275 billion global industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that the use of Comfort fabric conditioners continues to rise in South Africa and beyond.

If that isn’t enough for you to consider this fabric conditioner as a great addition to your laundry care, we need to tell you about our focus on sustainability. We care about the environment, and we want our products to be a reflection of that.

Comfort Concentrate

When creating the formulation for our fabric conditioners, we decided to make it highly concentrated. By doing this, not only did it make our product efficient, but it has also reduced the size of the bottle packaging. The bottles are also made of a material that is 100% recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.

While this may seem like a small thing, in the long run, it goes a long way in reducing the amount of plastic in the world. So if you are looking for something holistic and sustainable, visit Unilever Comfort and learn more about our products.

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