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Fight 5 Signs of Clothes Ageing With Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent

See how our Anti-Ageing Detergent cares for your clothes


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Skip is one of South Africa’s leading garment care experts and we were the first to introduce an automatic washing powder product in South Africa in the 1960’s – so you can rest assured that we really know what we’re doing.

Our priority is to care for your clothes and keep them looking beautiful. We know that there is more to clothing than how it looks. Each outfit tells a unique story of who you are and how you feel.

Skip ensures your wardrobe stays in impeccable condition with clothes that are always ready for you to show off. Perfect in colour, feel and fit. Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent will give your most loved garments a new lease on life!

How Skip Fights Clothes Ageing?

Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent has been created to specifically fight the signs of ageing in clothes. But, just how do we do it?

Cleans Fabrics at a Fibre Level

Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent is formulated with a special Fibre Protect™ Technology that penetrates deep into the fabric. Skip washing powder cleans and treats fabrics at a fibre level to maintain the look and texture of your clothes for longer.

Better Clean for Better Shape and Colour

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Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent gives a better clean, shape, and colour thanks to the new Fibre Protect™ Technology that penetrates deep into the fabric. This technology allows the detergent to clean deep into the fabric in a new way, smoothing and aligning fibres so stains and dirt wash away more easily. Skip gives clothes a better clean, better shape and better colour.

Long-lasting Perfume Capsules

Skip is formulated with special long-lasting perfume capsules. Most good washing powders leave clothes smelling fresh straight after they are washed. Skip, however, has long-lasting perfume capsules which release perfume even when the clothing has not been worn for weeks after the wash.

Featured Products

Skip Detergents contain the most advanced formula designed to remove stains and keep your clothing clean. The formula dissolves completely in the wash, penetrating deep into the fibres to clean and care for clothes with maximum precision and without residue. Because Skip loves your clothes as much as you do, it keeps your clothes beautiful, wash after wash.

Anti-Ageing Liquid Detergents

All you need is just one small cap of Skip Liquid Detergent for brilliant results.

Anti-Ageing Powder Detergents

Skip Detergents allow you to wear the garments you love, for longer, working on two levels to give your clothes an expert clean whilst improving their texture wash after wash.

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