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Hacks to rescue your clothes from the brink of destruction

Here are some garment care and stain removal tips to help you rescue your beloved garments from the edge of retirement to give them a new lease on life.


Hand holding a garment with dirty stains

Do you have clothing in your cupboard that you think are ruined but you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of them? Perhaps you’re secretly hoping that there is some hope they can be rescued?

Accidents happen – oftentimes, an item of clothing we can’t seem to live without gets ruined by a tough stain and we think the end is near.

Well, we’re here to tell you not to give up hope. Here are some tips to help you rescue your beloved garments from the edge of retirement to give them a new lease on life.

Remove lipstick stains with hairspray

Makeup stain removal can be a tough task to tackle but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To remove lipstick stains, dab off excess lipstick with a clean cloth. Then spray the affected area liberally with hairspray and allow it to settle for a few minutes. Finally, pop it into the wash with your choice of detergent and follow the garment care instructions to complete the process.

De-pill your favourite item

Pilling can make your garments look worn and old. Use a razor to de-pill your clothing and pick up the remaining bits with a piece of tape. This technique is particularly effective to remove pilling on trousers, jeans and firmer knits.

Use a permanent marker to cover a bleach stain

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This works best with black clothing but if you don’t mind looking for a marker pen in a similar colour to your target garment then you can use this technique on your colourful clothing too. Make sure you hand wash the garment after this process to avoid colour transfer.

Talcum powder and dishwashing liquid to remove oil stains

Talcum powder can absorb excess oil from fabric. Simply sprinkle the talc generously over the affected area, pat it down and leave it overnight to work its magic. Then use a drop of dishwashing detergent on a clean, damp cloth as a grease solvent before finally placing the item into the wash – wash according to the label care instructions.

Save your favourite clothes from the edge of ruin by using these clothing restoration hacks. Not only will they breathe new life into worn garments, but they can bring abandoned clothing back from the bottom of the pile.

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