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Halve Your Laundry Time

Wasting too much time on laundry? These tips from Skip washing powder are a must-read.


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Doing the laundry is a HUGE mission for some people. If you’re one of those people, this article is for you. The good people from Skip washing products have come up with a few tips to help you cut your laundry time in half.

Does it really need to be washed in the first place?

We often unnecessarily wash clothes that could have “gone a bit longer” without being washed. Unless clothes are visibly stained, you can afford to wear some items again, which cuts down your laundry loads and chore time. Here’s a loose guideline to help you:

  • Jeans and Skirts: 4-5 wears

  • Bras: 3-4 wears (but make sure you air them out in between)

  • Pyjamas: 2-3 wears

  • Khaki pants and shorts: 2- 3 wears

  • T-shirts, tops, underwear: Only wear once and wash

Hang Your Clothes The Right Way

It could make the difference between having to iron or watching series tonight. Make sure you hang items by the strongest part of the garment and put the washing pegs in an inconspicuous spot. Trousers and skirts should be hung by the waistband, shirts from the bottom or tails, with pegs at the side seams, or place shirts on a plastic coat hanger. And voila, you will be ready to fold and pack.

Put It In Before Going On An Errand

Use your time wisely. Pop your load into the machine before you go off shopping or for coffee. When you return the load should be done and you can just hang and move onto the next chore. Multitasking is a great way to save time and makes laundry a breeze. Use Skip Liquid Detergent because it’s a cinch to pour and store when you’re on-the-go.

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Get a Dedicated Darks and Lights Hamper

Like we separate glass and plastics for recycling, we could easily do the same for our washing to save time. Get a “darks” and “lights” hamper and train your family to split their own washing by colour so that you don’t have to labour over it when it comes time to wash them.

For more amazing fabric care and washing tips, visit Skip Laundry Care today.

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