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How to Fold Clothes Fast - 6 Tips

Knowing how to fold clothes properly can save time and space. Our handy guide is full of laundry hacks and hints, including how to fold a shirt fast.


How to Fold Clothes Fast - 6 Tips

Knowing how to properly fold clothes is an essential household skill. Mastering the art of folding clothes is an effective way to solve common household dilemmas such as wrinkled garments and even small wardrobes. It can also save you time, which is a blessing for any busy parent.

Parents, rejoice: this guide will show you the easy way to fold clothes, including how to quickly fold a shirt.

Using fabric conditioner not only leaves your clothes smelling great, but also makes them lovely and soft, and much easier to fold. Choose a scented fabric conditioner like Comfort, which will leave your clothes smelling clean and fresh.

How to Fold Clothes Fast

Here are our top six tips on folding clothes quickly:

Use fabric conditioner. Adding fabric conditioner to your washing machine drawer has all sorts of benefits. Not only will your clothes come out of the machine smelling lovely and fresh, but they’ll also be nice and soft, making clothes a pleasure to wear – and a pleasure to fold! Soft, pliable clothes are simply easier to fold, so do yourself a favour and invest in a scented concentrated fabric conditioner like Comfort Morning Fresh.

Flap before folding. Holding onto clothes tightly at the collar or waistband and giving them a good, hard flap is a great way to ‘iron out’ any initial wrinkles. You might even find some clothes won’t need ironing after this. Another way to avoid having to iron a fresh load of laundry is to fold your garments while they’re still warm from the dryer. Remember to lay clothes on a flat surface to fold.

Polish your technique. From how to fold a shirt fast to how to properly fold jeans, there are different techniques for different items of clothing. Here’s how to perfectly fold jeans:

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  • Make sure all buttons are buttoned and all zips are zipped

  • Fold jeans in half so the back pockets touch and the crotch is facing you

  • Take the bottom of both legs and fold them until they reach the bottom of the pocket

  • Take crotch area and create a straight edge. Tuck under the leg to increase the hold

  • Take the folded bottom and fold it over until you reach the top of the jeans

When it comes to baby clothes, they may be adorable, but their small size can make them tricky to fold! Fold bodysuits and onesies by laying them flat with their fronts down. Fold each sleeve in so they’re resting on the back of the onesie. Bring the bottom of the bodysuit up and fold the whole thing in half by lining the bottom up with the top. Flip it over, so the front is facing up, and repeat for the next one to make a tidy stack.

Roll, don’t fold. Folding clothes rather than simply putting them away saves on wardrobe space, which is useful if you or your kids have a compact room or a small closet. To save even more space, try rolling t-shirts, shorts, and trousers instead of folding. This is also much easier than folding (think of the time you’ll save!) and is equally effective at preventing wrinkles.

Don’t fold underwear. Here’s an easy way to fold clothes – don’t! There are some things that simply don’t need folding and underwear is one of them, along with things like pyjamas and workout gear. It’s probably best not to fold work shirts, dresses and trousers either – pop them on a good quality hanger instead so they keep their shape and stay wrinkle-free.

Recruit back-up. Get the whole family to help! Delegating household chores to the kids not only teaches them to be more responsible but also helps you out. Worried about wrinkles? Teach them how to quickly fold a shirt using a shop-bought shirt folder, which is quick, easy, and results in a perfectly uniform fold. You can even make your own using a piece of cardboard and some duct tape. You’ll need to make folders in a few different sizes.

From how to fold a shirt fast to knowing what not to fold, having a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to folding and storing freshly washed clothes can save a lot of time!

  • Put fabric conditioner in your washing machine drawer, rather than directly onto clothes.

  • Use one cap for all washing machine types, and for handwashing.

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