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How to take care of clothes to make them last longer

Clothes can be an expensive outlay, so it really does pay to look after them. Here’s how to do it.


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how to keep clothes fresh

Wash, dry, iron, wear, repeat. It’s a good system. So if it works, why change it?

While this process results in clean, presentable clothes, there are lots of little known ways to wash, store and wear your garments so they last even longer.

If you want to learn how to take care of your clothes so they last, read on for top tips from the experts.

Use a reliable laundry detergent like Skip Auto Washing Liquid that strengthens individual fibres, maintains colour and keeps your clothes looking and feeling like new for longer.

How to take care of clothes

  • Clothes can be an expensive outlay, so it really does pay to look after them. Here are a few key tips focusing on how to take care of your clothes, from laundry to storage solutions.

  • Wash your clothes less often. Over time, washing fades colour and removes structure. Use a detergent like Skip which actively strengthens fibres and maintains colour, and wear items two to three times before putting them in the wash.

  • Wash dark clothing inside out. Dark materials such as black jeans and dark blouses become easily faded after repeated washing, so turn them inside out to slow down the process.

  • Sweat causes stains, so showering daily and applying deodorant helps keep your clothes cleaner and in better condition. Make sure your antiperspirant is completely dry before getting dressed, otherwise it can cause brittleness and turn fabrics yellow.

  • Wooden hangers with plush arms help garments keep their shape, unlike wire and plastic hangers which can stretch the shoulders and change the way your clothes fit.

  • Getting dressed after doing your hair and make-up can save your clothes from stains and damage. Mascara on a white dress is the last thing you need!

How to wash cotton clothes

From bed sheets and towels to t-shirts and underwear, cotton is everywhere. Comfortable, breathable and durable, cotton loves our skin – so here’s how to love it back and how to take care of cotton clothes.

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1.     First off, how to wash cotton clothes? Sorting the laundry is a vital step. Wash similar colours together to prevent colour bleeding, and ruining any favourite items.

2.     Hot water can shrink or fade cotton fabrics, so keep the heat setting relatively low (30°C is fine). Wash heavier fabrics or darker materials in cold water to preserve colour. Towels and sheets should be washed in hot water to eliminate germs and bacteria.

3.     Use a low spin cycle and a delicate wash setting for finely woven cottons and linens. Alternatively, pop delicates in a mesh bag with the rest of your laundry load.

4.     Finally, how to take care of cotton clothes when drying them? The heat from tumble dryers can shrink cotton, so always stick to air drying when possible.

How to take care of woollen clothes

Wool tends to shrink and lose its shape easily. In order to preserve its natural qualities, woollen clothes require some good old fashioned TLC. Here’s how to take care of woollen clothes:

1.     Some woollen clothes might only be hand washable. Use a gentle hand washing detergent like Skip for delicates. If the label does recommend machine washing, select a short, gentle setting.

2.     To dry woollen garments, lay them horizontally on a towel rack and place outside in the shade. Hanging them vertically can cause loss of shape over time.

3.     The same goes for storage, especially heavy sweaters. Fold woollen garments on a shelf rather than using hangers.

4.     Lay a thin cloth over woollen clothes when ironing and be as gentle as possible.

Clothes are bound to fade, wear out and change shape eventually – but careful laundering, drying and storage can get extra months or even years out of each piece.

Key steps

  • Follow these steps to ensure your clothes look and feel like new for longer:

  • Use a detergent which actively strengthens fabric fibres and maintains colour

  • Wash dark clothing inside out and in cold water

  • Air dry when possible – tumble dryers can fade and damage clothes over time

  • Choose wooden hangers over wire and plastic to help clothes retain their shape

  • Hand wash woollen garments and store horizontally

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